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"I will willingly go where Solomon is, but I want no part of where Poonen is going.

I know 1+1=2

Tell me,is my math wrong when I add up your quotes 1+1 to = Zac Poonen is going to hell!

Savanna, Creative use of mathematical logic here! Isn't it a relief to know that logic doesn't win the day!

Of course, if we are going to “err” on the side of mercy towards Solomon, it is only fair to extend that same mercy towards Poonen. We sure don't want to be guilty of the very thing we accuse him of.

Solomon experienced divine judgments in his life time. So did his father David – and really, all of us. Judgments are God’s means of bringing his straying children back to him and building their faith. (See Heb. 12:1-12) I accept that for Solomon – because to me it reflects God’s nature - even if we ignore Ecclesiastes (which I think we mustn't do).

As long as a person is alive, there is a way back to God - through His long-suffering mercy and grace. Mercy triumphs over judgment - thankfully!

Maybe it was that way for Lot too? What do you think?




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 Re: repentance as evidence

All this to do over the absence of repentance in the life of Solomon before he died. I have a question to you all who look for such repentance in Solomon.

Q. Can anyone direct us to the place in scripture where we read of Lot's repentance before he died?


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Q. Can anyone direct us to the place in scripture where we read of Lot's repentance before he died?

Nobody can in the sense you are expecting, because it is not there.

But God counted him as righteous because Lot changed his mind in looking to another for his salvation, and THAT is his repentance! His sanctification was lacking, but his justification was perfect before God. Likewise with Solomon, and Samson for that matter....

BTW your math is good. It is the same math where Christ plus or minus nothing equals everything and Christ plus or minus anything equals nothing is derived from. Poonen along with many others who are throwing out their overcorrection to Osteen's Christ minus are preaching Christ plus...unfortunately if each continues on their present path they will all be 'roommates' together, and it won't be in a mansion...

Just like there won't be many from Osteen's church in heaven, there won't many from SI in heaven. Osteen subtracts from what Christ has done, whereas here it is very palatable to add to what Christ has done. In both cases it comes down to a faulty view of the worthiness of self. Osteen preaches an inherent worthiness, Poonen preaches a worthiness found in for lack of a better word 'overcoming', both are false, NONE were found worthy!

What I find amazing is some so-called big name preacher comes along and casts Solomon a saint of God out of heaven and there is barely a whimper, but let the same judgment fall on said big name preacher and oh what a ruckus! This is what Matt 7:2 is all about.


 2011/12/11 19:16

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Quote: """have you received the promise of Christ's second coming? Not yet, but even though we haven't actually received the promise of the second coming it doesn't keep us from trusting in the fact that it is coming does it?"""

Yes I have received the promise and the mystery fulfillment in my spirit, He has come; already and I have
prayer of Jesus Christ to the Father also, the Holy Spirit is in my soul mind teaching me these truths and who I am in Christ and that He is birthed in me. The only place I am groaning is in my flesh and He will come and change that also when He comes with a shout to claim His Bride the Body of Christ in the twinkling of an eye. Is He come in our spirit? Is the Holy Spirit come in our soul-mind? Are we sealed into Christ by the Holy Spirit?

In Christ: Phillip


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