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 a new Christian warfare.

There is a new group of demons out there that are trying to destroy Christian computors. Trojans and hijackers are very hard to get out of computors. It is out of my care for you that this post is here.
1. be very careful what you click. There are programs out there which can actually mirror your things you see. example windows media player can appear on your screen and yet it is a false one to cause you to click and accept something else.
2. The autorun and system backup programs can be attacked and then used to control your computor.
3. cnet is a good program for giving downloads but remember sometimes things slip past them.
cnets superantispyware is very good and gives continual updates. it is a free addition. It has removed many bad things on all 3 computors.
myfunwebsearch is full of hijacker and trojans. it comes with fun ecards cursers etc.
4. I have been enjoying for years the e-sword program with it's large free library. Don't want to lose it.
If anybody has tips for us feel free to add for us. We will win this battle in Jesus name.
extra cnet has free program to close autorun so you can go into computer and run manually. God bless.


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 Re: a new Christian warfare.

brodav9 wrote:
If anybody has tips for us feel free to add for us. We will win this battle in Jesus name.

I use spy sweeper essentials by webroot. But b/c I sometimes watch TV shows on the internet (I don't have cable TV), what has gotten every single thing off of my computer is Anti-Malwaresbytes:

Most companies will find things on your computer but make you pay to remove them, not!! All they say is if we have helped you, please purchase the PRO edition and they helped so I have! It's a ONE-TIME $24.95 cost, you can't beat it and I won't be repurchasing spy sweeper either. I recommend this program to everyone.

God bless,


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Hi Lysa,
Tried that out, thanks staff

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