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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : European debt crisis may hit U.S. economy harder

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Hi Die to live,
I do think we are in the thick of it over here as regards "political intrigue".
The closest the USA comes to this is the relationship some of your politicians have with the UN.
The dictatorial rules and regulations coming from the EU are unreal.I heard a person say that the countries that are in western europe and are in NATO and the Eurozone will band together.
Europe is despite all its political correctness and waffle is very anti jewish/Israel.Europe becomes very anti USA when america supports Israel.Its all the same retoric that Nazis were saying in the 1930s about the Jews.
History repeating itself,
Yours staff

 2011/11/30 18:00Profile

 Re: European debt crisis may hit U.S. economy harder

this is no "crisis". Saints, what you are witnessing are the machinations of the god of this age, the anti christ, and his followers, those men doomed to the pit of fire, for the sin of denying Messiah and His Kingdom, denying God's Omnipotence, meaning that He is a Jealous God, and will NOT TOLERATE IDOLATORS, and these idolators are wicked sin soaked, sin loving, money loving men who have crafted a 21st century golden calf, and THEY WORSHIP on it!!!!

they have even pulled many helpless and harrassed sinners to BUT INTO this pattern of ease and consumption, who believe the lies of the devil. most of the official mouthpieces you hear today are but minons and hirelings of this antichrist.

yes, we are instructed to pay respect to authority, but WOE to anyone who bow a knee to baal, and this is baal, this satan, this is the antichrist, and its all planned by the beast and the devil.

no, this is no crisis, like a tornado, coming upon the saints unannounced, this is scripted, it is planned, it is the end of days. We have been warned by the Lord Jesus Christ in some of His Final Words to the disciples. He told us what to do...we have the roadmap as God the Holy Ghost revealed to John on the Isle of Patmos, Revelations.

i have much more to say, but my heart is grieved to the core, yet the gift of knowing that i know that i know, THAT GOD IS SOVEREIGN and to God go the Glory, and the Praise and the Amen. everything else is but a smokescreen of the devil. God will have His Victory, that i know.

 2011/11/30 18:34


According to David Wilkerson book the vision, he mentions there that the United States will recover, but faith in the American dollar will cease to exist. Recovery will be sometime down the road, I have heard some say it may take 10 years. He goes on to say that currency stability will shift to Europe. The present system has to fall. This present system is out dated and old, it needs another way of accumulating wealth and doing business in this technological age. How that will be implemented will be interesting to see.

 2011/11/30 18:58

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