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 extreme devotion

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extreme devotion

“He said to me, ‘Come over to Macedonia and help us,’ ” Paul said.

Silas replied, “You believe it was a godly dream then?”
“I do.”
Silas smiled and replied, “Then we are going to Macedonia with godspeed!”
When they got to Philippi, an important merchant woman was converted, and a young girl was delivered of a demon. Surely they had heard God correctly, and they were following his lead.
“There they are!” the man at the head of the mob screamed. Before Paul and Silas knew what was happening, they were dragged before the city judges and accused of disturbing the peace with their gospel message. The chief magistrate tore their robes from them and ordered them to be beaten with rods and thrown into prison.
That night, bloodied and bruised, with their feet in stocks, Paul and Silas had every right to feel as though God had misled them. But the question, “How could God let this happen to us?” never came up. Instead, at midnight, they were still singing and praising God. They trusted God’s guidance. They knew he had not abandoned them, as their miraculous rescue would soon attest.
Silas and Paul continued to follow God’s guidance in their travels together. Eventually, Silas became the head of the church in Corinth. Both men followed God’s lead, and both men became martyrs for the faith.

If only God’s will for our lives would come to us in a dream! If only his plans were clearly laid out before us like a billboard on the street. Better yet, to have a voice telling us exactly what to do! However nice that would seem, such direct methods would rule out the element of faith altogether. God wants us to rely on him as a map when we are determining our life’s direction. Paul and Silas didn’t know exactly what would happen to them in Philippi. They only knew that God had said to go. You may not know where God is taking you, but are you willing to follow anyway? You will not go unless you trust him completely.

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 Re: extreme devotion

i recal at pauls amasing conversion ,that jesus mentioned that he would tell paull how that he would suffer much for the gosples sake

so i think paull was expecting to have a hard time

i wouldnt rule out propectcal revalation . or even hearing the adable voice of god on certaint occasions in this day ,,,,,god has done that once for me regarding a healing of cancer for my wife

he said once ,,,,,i will heal brenda

two weeks after i herd that voice which made me shake and cry with joy and fear ,,,,,,she was told by a doctor tht she had cancer ,,two week later she was healed

i honesly dont think my faith would have been strong enough to believe in a healing at the time ,,,iw ould have been crushed by what the doctors told us ,i believe if god didnt acualy say something loud to me ,,,,but it has never hapend again like that

but defenitly agree with you about element of trusting god by faith

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