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 Current Collage

Here is a brief collage of thoughts from a book I reread the last couple of days. Let them sink into your heart...good stuff.
Blessings SI Members, can never see very well without it is the hardest enemy to see after you have been in His glory. Those who refuse to put on humility will suffer much at the hands of the enemy. Only other soldiers of the cross who wear humility will recognize your authority. Advancing in pride will make you vulnerable to the enemy.

Keys to keep from falling into pride are staying close to The Lord, inquiring of The Lord before making major decisions, and keeping the mantle of humility on your life. Then the enemy will not be able to easily blind side you if you do these things.

The church will not be destroyed, but the institutions and doctrines that have kept men in spiritual slavery will.

Spiritual maturity is always determined by our willingness to sacrifice our own desires for the interests of the kingdom and the sake of others.

Embrace both the goodness and severity of God. If you do not embrace both you will always be in danger of deception and a fall.

What looks good on earth looks very different in heaven. What makes you a king here will often be a stumbling block to keep you from being a king there. God has a different set of history books than those we keep on earth.

The wise judge themselves lest they be judged. The even wiser ask for the judgements of The Lord, because they realize they can not judge even themselves well.

We will often fight much harder for "truths" than for the people for whom they were given.

The more influence you gain by your own self promotion, the more you must strive to retain your influence, and the more cruel your life will become.

If you preach the greatest truths but do not live them, you are only the greatest hypocrite, and the most tormented soul.

If you are yoked with Him you will do nothing for the sake of politics or history. Anything you do because of political pressures, or opportunities, will only lead you to the end of your true ministry.

Love the Savior and seek His glory alone. EVERYTHING you do to exalt yourself will one day bring you the most terrible humiliation.

Truth without grace is what the enemy brings when he comes as an "angel of light".

Until a person learns to do all things for the sake of the Gospel, the more influence they have, the greater danger they will be in.

If you do not know God's love then His power will corrupt you.

All our spiritual failures are ultimately the result of one thing- self centeredness. The only way to be delivered from this is to walk in love. Love does not seek its own.


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Joined: 2008/4/1
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 Re: Current Collage

A Few Gems From Volume 2

To keep from making mistakes we must know both the scripture and the power of God. Prophecy was never intended to replace the Holy Scriptures, and neither were the Holy Scriptures intended to replace prophecy.

In the end times God's people will begin to know the fellowship of The Holy Spirit. They will know of His power to convict of sin. They will also know that He will lead them to the truth that will set them free.

When we begin to look at ourselves it will always bring confusion making it harder to hear Him.

You will always be inadequate and unworthy for what the Lord calls you to do. However, it is not your adequacy or worthiness that causes Him to use you. So do not look at your inadequacy, but look to His adequacy.

False humility is actually a form of pride. You can never make yourself into who you should be, but trust Him to make you into who you should be.

Your understanding will always be twisted when you are depressed, and you will never see accurately from that place.

Being different is not enough! The power of The Holy Spirit to convict of sin is released by the spoken (preached) word.

The people of the earth are blind. They will not see if you simply try to be a witness. The message of judgment must go forth in words. The Holy Spirit anoints words, but the words must be spoken in order for Him to anoint them.

The closer you get to God the more deadly sin can become.

The greatest distraction of God's people has not been difficulties, but the prosperity.

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A Few More Gems-

Vision, the ability to see the truth clearly, is what the enemy fears the most.

Every day you must do that which will help to increase your vision. Stay away from people and things that make you lose your vision.

I have known many people who use the name of Jesus, but they are not free. In fact, they are some of the most bound people I know. Many know and use His name but they do not know Him.

The enemy sidetracks many by having them fear his power to deceive more than having faith in the Holy Spirit's power to lead them into all truth. Those who have fallen into this trap not only fall into increasing bondage to fear, but they will attack anyone who walks in the freedom that comes with faith.
( I have noticed this on many postings in the discussion forums-Solomon101)

Many of Christ's followers are sincere but deceived. They are deceived by one of the greatest deceptions of all...the FEAR of deception.

Fear must not rule over you- do nothing because of fear. Do what you do because of love, and you will always triumph. Love is the source of courage.

Christ's shepherds are responsible for the condition of His sheep. His generals are responsible for the condition of His soldiers.

An army's (including we who follow Christ - Sol.101) resolve will be determined by
1. The nobility of their mission
2. How well they are prepared for their mission
3. How well they are led.

To be a part of the ministry of restoration you must not just see others as they are, but as they are to become. Like Ezekiel, you must see even in the driest bone an exceeding great army.

If we will choose to die daily the fear of death will have no power over us.

Jesus did not call us to preach about Him; He has called us to be a voice He can speak through.

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Current Reading Gems Part 4 -

Just as The Lord covered the earth with manna every day for Israel while they were in the wilderness, He covers the earth each day with truth for His people.

We need The Lord above everything else. However, He has created things so that we also need His people. We need each other.

When you become concerned about how others see you, you lose your authority. When authority becomes your goal you will then begin to lose true authority.

Pain can be used. Do not waste your trials. The greatest worship and expressions of faith that we can exhibit come in the midst of trials.

Out highest purpose is to recognize The Lord, hear His voice, and follow Him.

On earth you can not accurately measure eternal treasures.

You will always be exactly as close to the Lord as you want to be.

At the time we begin to lose our humility we become spiritually blind and deaf.

There can be no true authority without responsibility. Responsibility means others will suffer if we go astray. We must not forget that our mistakes carry consequences.

Those who receive the most discipline are those called to walk in the greatest authority.

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Current Reading Gems Part 5

The sunset in one place is the sunrise in another. So it is in the things of God. When one movement sees its sunset it is because there is the beginning, or sunrise, of another.

You can be more powerful washing dishes saying close to the Lord than you would be leading armies or nations but drifting from Him. (I thought about the two elderly sisters, one of them blind and one named Peggy, that Duncan Campbell refers to that were they key prayer warriors in the Hebrides revival- Solomon101)

All will fall who do not love the truth more than the praises of men.

The purpose of every movement of God on earth is to compel men to do as Enoch did - to walk with God until they are more at home in the heavenly realm than on earth.

You cannot walk with God, or fulfill His purpose for you on earth, unless you keep His fire burning on your heart. LUKEWARMNESS IS YOUR DEADLY ENEMY!

Wisdom and humility are more important than power. Without them the power will corrupt you and you will be used for evil.

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