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 The unseen face of Egypt's Arab Spring

I got this email this morning and copied the most relevant part. I saw this man speak a few months ago and I know he wouldn't be sending out info that isn't true. He ministers in Egypt very close to or in the city where the turmoil and the large crowds in the square are gathering.



Greetings ~

As the media covers the continued struggles in Tahrir Square in Cairo, churches are also experiencing more persecution.

Persecution ~
Muslims who attack churches are not punished and are many times hailed as heroes. The region of Edfu was targeted on September 30. The Christians complied with Muslim demands to express love and peace for their country. Crosses and the church bell were removed, but it was not enough to make the Muslims happy. The next demand was that the dome on top of the church was to be removed as well. Church leaders told the Muslim community that the removal of the dome would create structural damage to the century old church. Shouts of “Allahu Akbar” preceded the attack, which resulted in the burning down of the church. Christians were not allowed to leave their homes to purchase food, and even several of their homes were also burned down.

For more details on the Muslim Brotherhood’s persecution of Christians in Egypt, please click on the following link:


David Winter

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 Re: The unseen face of Egypt's Arab Spring

This is to be expected. What started out as a bread and butter movement, a move for democracy in the Middle East has been coopted by Moslem extremist. Now the agenda is sharia and Islamic caliphate across north Africa. In Tunisia, the Moslems have the better political organization and sure poised to win those elections. Lybia, that has ousted Ghadaffie, has stated Islamic sharia will be the law of the land. Analyst are waiting to see what will happen in Syria. But believe elements of Islamic extremism are behind the opposition to Assad.

Egypt, with the well organized Muslim Brotherhood, could very well declare itself to be an Islamic state. The consequences for the Christians across north Africa will not be good. Yet this may be the time that believers in Christ find their true hope in Jesus. It has already been reported over 70,000 Christians came together in prayer in Egypt. The gospel is making great inroads in Iran. There is something about persecution that fuels the spread of the gospel.

When communism took over Russia, the church grew. When Mao Tse Tung kicked the missionaries out of China in 1948 or 49, it was thought Christianity eas dead in China. After Nixon normalized our relations with China in 1972, there was found a vibrant house church movement. In 1979, in Iran there were only 500 or so believers. After the Islamic revolution there was a gospel revolution. Now the Iranian church has over 100.000 believers. And it is still growing.

If historical patterns are any indication the persecution of the church in north Africa could well be its finest hour.

To God be the Glory.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/11/23 14:58

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 A stonger coalition against Israel is likely coming also

Likely coming from these Muslim countries who are being "liberated." That's probably not news to anyone. Egypt has been living under the peace treaty that Egypt has had with Israel but there are still very strong anti-Israel and anti-Semitic feelings in Egypt I would bet.

Like you mentioned, I can only rejoice if the church grows in these environments. I bet things aren't so fuzzy and gray to many of those believers.


David Winter

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