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 The Kuhlman Experience

I have been reading with interest what everyone has to say and I for one understand both sides. We need to be careful of what we lend ourselves to. On the other hand, we cannot stop a move of God as the Pharrisees did with doubt. This in it's self is Control of God's moving. We need to tread lightly and let God deal with his elect. We will all know in the end what spirit they are of. Gossip and slander are tools of the enemy as is backbiting.In order to keep our souls from hell we must be careful what we say. ICorinthians 13 commands how we should talk. Being a victim of false teachers, I have been corrected by Jesus on this very thing. With Kathryn, we know people were delivered and healed. People did come to Christ from her ministry. Lets leave it at that before we are held accountable for our words. Jesus uses all kinds of people to accomplish His will. Sinners and saints. David was a murder and danced in public! Should we backbite him and his minisry on those grounds?? You decide. I love you all and I pray for all. If you have any requests, send them and I will partner with you. Sandy :-)

Sandra Hubert

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