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Discussion Forum : News and Current Events : There Was A Secret Meeting Of Pastors In Iowa, And It Could Be Great News For Ron Paul

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 There Was A Secret Meeting Of Pastors In Iowa, And It Could Be Great News For Ron Paul

According to a source, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul all spoke at the event, which brought together some of Iowa's most influential evangelical pastors. Organized by the powerful Christian activist David Lane, the two-day conference was a feeble attempt to recapture some of the evangelical energy behind Mike Huckabee's Iowa caucus win in 2008.

Last week's conference gave Paul exposure to Iowa's Christian leaders, the gatekeepers to the Iowa caucuses. Unlike Perry and Gingrich, Paul has an active field organization in Iowa, and consistently polled at the top of state polls. But he has struggled to expand support beyond his cultlike base. ...

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SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: There Was A Secret Meeting Of Pastors In Iowa, And It Could Be Great News For Ron

The Lord works in ways that may surprise us. Perhaps the Lord will work through this political situation too, for the good of not only our nation, but the Whole World.

May His will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven.


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 Re: There Was A Secret Meeting Of Pastors In Iowa, And It Could Be Great News For Ron

I don't understand why some in the christian community think that just because a christian is running for office he will be the right choice for the job. Even if it there is a group of people who are christians they are the right people for the job.

Personally, I don't think any of the Republican candidates are worth much. Rick Perry is just a strange person all around to me. He is creepy. Mitt Romney seems like a better choice but I don't know all his politics and I really doubt his Mormon faith is going to take over America like some christians want to think. Ron Paul, he has come alternative ideas but he isn't 'popular' enough to be elected. I think Obama will be reelected because I don't think the Republican field is strong enough to do any damage.

When I see articles about secret meetings and christian pastors doing these 'things' to help the candidates I have to ask "really?" " Are you really that serious?"

Am I wrong in this thinking?


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I agree with you DEADn.

I agree that we must pay attention to whats going on politically, but I am convinced the reason the church has declined so much since the 1970's is because the church looks to everything else in the world for the solution to our cultures problems... everything except Jesus.

And politicians have a way of making fools out of Christians. We'll put our support behind some politician and you can bet if they get elected that within 2 years they will be caught up in some scandal.... sex with an intern, or taking money on the side... something.... and Christians end up looking like hypocritical idiots in the media.

Billy Graham learned that lesson with Richard Nixon.

I used to love politics! Turn your eyes upon Jesus and the things of earth will grow strangely dim...


 2011/11/25 11:15

 Re: Am I Missing Something?


"It is not a place for politics, politicians, or particular support thereof"


Have these SI guidelines been revoked?

Blaine Scogin

 2011/11/25 11:43

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 Re: DEADn and Krispy

Brothers -

Yes, I agree: Politics is not the answer. That's what the Ron Paul movement is all about. Please see my essay/response to a skeptic here:

Let me know what you think if you are so led.

Be well,

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Am I to assume that SI ptotocals have been revoked regarding political discussions. I thought we were about Jesus and the gospel and not a political move of man. Someone care to enlighten me.

Blaine Scogin

 2011/11/25 12:28

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"And politicians have a way of making fools out of Christians."

And it is worse if the politician claims to be very religious.

Consider James Earl Carter (Jimmy). He was a Southern Baptist Sunday school teacher who was known to say that he believes abortion is wrong but he cannot impose that upon the people. He wore his religion on his sleeve but... Unless historians have changed their minds, he went down in history as among the worse presidents in recent history.

Or, consider Chip Pickering. He was a congressman from Mississippi. He was the father of five boys, a staunch pro-lifer, family man that worked to promote family values only to succumb to the vilest temptations known to a family man.

Or, consider Gov. Kirk Fordice, governor of MS. He was a Bible-thumping politician who was caught cheating on his pretty wife, divorced her and married his high-school sweetheart. However, before he died, he had divorced woman #2 and was reconciled with his first wife, Pat.

It is nice when a politician claims to allow the WORD of God to be his guiding philosophy for life - it gives the populace a sense of security. But at some level they do violate NT principles and you have just another politician who uses his 'faith' to garner votes.

Now the question comes: can a Spirit-filled Christian occupy the highest office in the land? What makes this so troubling is when you have agencies like the CIA who will use all and any means to acquire information - and ethics be hanged. It is all about power, besting another, not serving.

More questions then answers...

Sandra Miller

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