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  A Vision Given about Iran.

Last Sunday on our IDOP con call a vision or dream eas shared about Iran. The person who shared the word said this. If the gospel keeps moving in Iran in 5 years 70% of that country could be converted to Christ.

In 1979 there were less than 500 believers in Iran under the Shaw. After the Islamic revolution a gopel revolution took place. Today there are over 100,000 believers in Christ in Persia. Voice of the Martyrs estimates over 500 people a day come to Christ in Iran. I heard it said it takes 3 minutes to convert an average Iranian, 10 minutes for a hardliner. So why not? May that nation truly become converted to Christ. May the crescent moon fall before the cross of Christ.


 2011/11/19 9:33

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 Re: A Vision Given about Iran.

This is truly amazing. This morning I witnessed to a Muslim man that lives in Iran through a chat that is on a chess web site. After he beat the tar out of me in chess, I began to tell him about Jesus Christ and share the gospel with him. I was amazed at how open this man was to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ. He even put me on his friend list to play chess with.

There are many Muslims that are having dreams and visions of Jesus Christ. God is making Himself known to the Muslims.

Please continue to pray for the Iranian pastor that is standing up for His faith in Jesus even to the point of death threats. They are doing every thing possible to wear him down, but his faith remains strong.

Below is the conversation that I had with my new found friend from Iran.

NEW GAME (207643567) - Mikeforlife vs. anlylmz23 (10 0 unrated)

GAME ABORTED - Mikeforlife vs. anlylmz23

NEW GAME (207643728) - Mikeforlife vs. Batfasted (10 0 unrated)

GAME OVER - Mikeforlife vs. Batfasted - Batfasted won by checkmate

NEW GAME (207646473) - Mikeforlife vs. raining-blood (10 0 unrated)

Mikeforlife: Hello

raining-blood: hi

GAME OVER - Mikeforlife vs. raining-blood - raining-blood won by checkmate

raining-blood: go train

Mikeforlife: good game

raining-blood: tnx

NEW GAME (207648085) - raining-blood vs. Mikeforlife (10 0 unrated)

raining-blood: g g

GAME OVER - raining-blood vs. Mikeforlife - raining-blood won by resignation

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Mikeforlife: God bless you

raining-blood: your opening game is not good dude

Mikeforlife: Jesus loves you

Mikeforlife: Jesus died on the cross for your

raining-blood: come on man

Mikeforlife: I am telling you the truth.

raining-blood: tnx man

Mikeforlife: He will give you life

raining-blood: tnx for accept

raining-blood: u from US???

Mikeforlife: Thank you

Mikeforlife: yep

Mikeforlife: are you a young person?

raining-blood: land of oppertunity

Mikeforlife: yep

Mikeforlife: but this nation is in deep trouble.

raining-blood: about echonomy?

Mikeforlife: yes

Mikeforlife: we need God back in our nation.

Mikeforlife: too much materialism.

Mikeforlife: humanism

raining-blood: ha ha ha I wish be in that country even with this BIG touble

Mikeforlife: I wish you could come stay here.

Mikeforlife: you are an open minded individual.

Mikeforlife: dont believe everything you hear on the news media.

raining-blood: if you know where is my country forgot this little trouble

Mikeforlife: or what the authorities are saying.

Mikeforlife: because they slant the truth.

Mikeforlife: we have a president that is driving our country in the dirt.

raining-blood: ha ha ha you don't know my president

Mikeforlife: I pray for the Muslim people.

raining-blood: god bless your president man

Mikeforlife: Yes, he needs God.

raining-blood: cause I am in IRAN

Mikeforlife: [email protected]

Mikeforlife: that is my E mail address

Mikeforlife: contact me sometime

raining-blood: we have GREAT history but - - - goverment

raining-blood: ok nice to meet you

Mikeforlife: you have a corrupt government

Mikeforlife: with corrupt leaders

Mikeforlife: God is your hope.

Mikeforlife: Pray to Jesus

Mikeforlife: He is the true and only savior

raining-blood: that's right

Mikeforlife: are you a Christian?

Mikeforlife: Please E mail me

raining-blood: no I am muslim

Mikeforlife: I understand the persecution of Christians in your country.

Mikeforlife: I am praying for that pastor that is in prison.

Mikeforlife: I want to share my faith with you.

Mikeforlife: and what we say will be confidential.

raining-blood: just GOD

Mikeforlife: yes

Mikeforlife: this is no accident that I am talking to you this morning.

Mikeforlife: this is the will of the Lord

Mikeforlife: because He loves you

raining-blood: u2

Mikeforlife: yes

Mikeforlife: John 3:16

Mikeforlife: For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever would believe in Him would not perish but have eternal life.

Mikeforlife: Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life

Mikeforlife: no man can come to the Father but through Jesus Christ, the Son of the living God

Mikeforlife: who died for our sins and was raised from the dead.

Mikeforlife: that is the gospel message.

Mikeforlife: write to me

Mikeforlife: and we will talk more.

raining-blood: yeah yeah

raining-blood: bye friend see u later

Mikeforlife: later

Mikeforlife: what is your name?

Mikeforlife: my name is Mike

raining-blood: (omid) it means ( hope)

Mikeforlife: Omid, there is hope!

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 2011/11/19 12:23Profile

 Re: Mke

Brother this so awesome! May God use your words to open up Raining Blood's heart. He seemed so receptive and Hungary for hope. I pray you have more contact with him. We will pray for him on our con call tonight. Thank you for sharing this and please keep us advised what happens.

Dear God work in this man's heart from Iran. Do bring him to saving faith and life in Jesus. In your Son's name. Amen.


 2011/11/19 13:15

Joined: 2011/8/13
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Oh, this is wonderful!

 2011/11/19 15:02Profile

Joined: 2007/2/8
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 Re: A Vision Given about Iran.

hi Martyr,
I am a little confused,what was the dream or vision about Iran that was shared?thanks staff

 2011/11/19 16:26Profile

 Re: Staff

I should say it was more of a word that was given. The word was that 70$ of Iran would be converted to Christ as the gospel continued to grow in that country. Dream or vision may not be accurate to describe the word shared. Though many Iranian believers dream and have a vision to see Iran come to Christ.


 2011/11/19 16:41

Joined: 2011/1/12
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Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria

 Re: had a vision this morning too!

As i read this post, I just remembered that I had a vision where the Lord seemed to make me know that after a wave of great persecution in the muslim-dominated areas, there will be a gospel revolution. It was very short but the message was clear. Praise the Lord. And brethren, my earnest desire is that the bride will be ready for Christ always. Lets keep praying for the church.


 2011/11/20 18:13Profile

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