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NOTE: The following statistics come from the Telegraph's
international business editor. Our Christian response? - Be prepared,
be praying, be out of debt, be ready to help. Forewarned is forearmed.

-Ambrose Evans-Pritchard (Nov 10).

The OECD's index of leading indicators for China, India, Brazil,
Canada, Britain and the eurozone have all tipped below the warning
line of 100, with the pace of the decline in Europe exceeding the
onset of the Great Contraction in early 2008.

Professor Simon Johnson, a former chief economist at the IMF,
rattled nerves earlier this week by warning the world is "looking
straight into the face of a great depression".

The grim data is coming thick and fast. Japan's machinery orders
fell 8.2pc in September as the post-Fukushima rebound lost steam
and the delayed effects of the super-strong yen began to bite.
Export orders have been declining for eight months. "Outright
contraction is possible in the quarters ahead," said Mark Cliffe
from ING.

Exports in the Philippines dropped 27pc in September, the sharpest
fall in two years. Korea's exports have showed sharply, caused by
a 20pc slide in shipments to Europe. Manufacturing has been
contracting for the past three months.

Christine Lagarde, the IMF's chief, warned in Asia that "there are
dark clouds gathering in the global economy. Countries need to
prepare for any storm that might reach their shores". She said
"adverse feedback loops" are at work as financial stress and
economic woes feed on each other.

China's carefully managed soft landing has turned uncomfortably
hard, with ripple effects through the commodity markets. Spot
iron-ore prices have dropped 30pc since July to $126 a tonne.
Copper prices have fallen 20pc since August.

Barclays Capital said the risks of contagion to China has become
serious. The bank is monitoring the country's "key high frequency
data" for early warning signs of the sort of sudden crash in metals
demand seen during the Lehman crisis...

"The credit spigot has been turned off in the US," said Chris Whelan
from Institutional Risk Analytics...

Fiscal and monetary stimulus has disguised the underlying sickness
in the debt-laden economies of the West over the past two years.
This heavy make-up has at last faded away, exposing the awful
visage beneath.

It is a delicate moment. The risk of a synchronised slump in Europe,
the US and East Asia is bad enough. What is chilling is to face
such a possibility with the monetary pedal already pushed to the
floor in the US, UK and Japan.

Worse yet is to do so with Europe spiralling into institutional self-

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Dear brother Greg,
the writer is just scratching the surface, and i dont write this to sow fear, but its all much worse than anyone thinks.

Paul made tents...yes? Well i was taught to analyze and sift info, since i was a teen, and things i've been reading, and men i've talked to, the "storm" is nigh upon us. i could direct you to websites, show you charts, show you video after video of various analysts sounding the alarm, but that would to little profit, as the simple truth of the matter, is that God is a Jealous God, and will brook no rivals, meaning, as i see it, the way of the world, has been to craft that foul golden calf again, and worship on that ugly beast, that is no god.

Thats why we are seeing this paradigm shifting economic dislocation.

i could offer you worldly advice, but this is not the venue. i only desire to say two things, to testify. It seems good to suggest we ponder what is really valuable, both in the Economy of God, and in the world. In the Economy of God, is to keep our eyes on Jesus, and contend for our Faith...not to contend with man, but to contend with our spirit in the Holy Spirit, so as we LIVE IN FAITH, and eschew fear.

as far as in the world, because we are IN the world, but not OF it, as you know, i DID heed Jesus's call to ME, and "fled Jerusalem"...and its good. Out in the wildwoods, far from the maddening crowd, i feel God is doing a work in me and with me and thru me. What that Work is, i do not know yet, but i'm contending in the strength He gives me.

just a bit more personal testimony, if i may? Up here, where i am, it "feels" like a bit like the Hebrides, its lonely and rural, the Foundation of Christ has been laid, but it seems the stream of vital Christianity is running low. Clearly, in the Grace of God, a Heaven sent Revival is to be prayed for up here, and would to God, in these parts, God find a pair of dear elderly ladies who approach the Throne, and ask God to pour His Living Waters upon a dry and thirsty ground.

but the petition to Jesus must come first, and would it watered with the tears of the saints.
i cannot tell how happy and joyous i am for you, that God deigned to bless you with a helpmate, a wife, a co-laborer, a friend. Joy upon joy!! May God forever bless that union, and may God protect your heart from fear.

i'll keep you apprised as to the Father's Work up here, and when He does keep His Covenant engagement, no cameras. Fore as in a "delivery room", so shall it be with labored souls being re-born again in Jesus' Name, in His love, neil

 2011/11/17 9:00


I dont normally like to join these conversations because they tend to be wrought with conspiracy theories and dooms day prophets who enjoy being prophets of doom...

...but I know enough about economics, and have been affected by this enough to say that we are in perilous times. Most people have NO IDEA how bad things are.

Christians need to be prepared and ready and PRAYED UP. Ultimately we, as believers, have nothing to fear. We need to draw close to the Saviour and be ready for the harvest that will result when what REALLY is going on is revealed to everyone. Right now, the government is doing their best not to creat panic in society.

There ya go... I said it. Now, lets all sing "Dont Worry Be Happy"!


 2011/11/17 10:06

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I read this the other day and I thought it was spot on:

Last time, we discussed about Our God being a jealous God, as one of the reasons behind this recession. Indeed, this recession is helping bring back many a wondering souls to its rightful place, at the feet of God.

Today, we are going to see that another finding from this recession is that Our God is Sovereign. Yes, I’d like to scream it from the hill tops that our God is indeed Sovereign at all times. He was Sovereign when the economy was doing well and HE is still Sovereign when our economy is rapidly failing. The Bible tells us in many places that apart from HIM we can do nothing. Matthew Chapter 6:25-34 is definitely worth the read. We are told not to worry for none of us have the power to change our current, past or present situation, only God can do that.

How does knowing HE is Sovereign help us? Romans 8:28 tells us And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose. Yes my friends, this horrible, worrisome recession will also be worked for your good. Our God has the ability to turn something ugly into something beautiful. This recession is yet another means of His doing something good in you.

So stop worrying about the recession and seek ye first your God, turn to Him and look to Him to see you through this recession. Not convinced yet? Turn your thoughts back to the Israelites! What did God do for them? He rescued them from Pharaoh, parted the red sea, provided manna and quail, water from rocks etc. When the Israelites were convinced that there was nothing that could save them, God intervened and did the impossible but first He brought them to a state of nothing, a state of pleading, much like the recession.

How do you survive the recession? Trusting in His Sovereignty. God brings you to nothing to recognize that you have everything you need for survival. Like the Israelites, we are often tempted to put our trust in everything but the Lord. We depend on our own strength and steal God of his Sovereignty and Glory.

How is God glorified through a recession? The same way He was glorified when Gideon’s army won by just blowing the horn and hitting pots and pans against a strong Midianite army! The same way He was glorified when a young David with a sling conquered a mighty Goliath, the same way He was glorified when Pharaoh’s army was swept by the waters of the Red Sea. God is glorified when man is brought to nothing, when man is stripped of all confidence in self and relies only on the Grace of God which ultimately proves that HE is always Sovereign.

This recession God is calling us to acknowledge His power and authority. We are not to doubt God’s Sovereignty nor are we to steal His Glory.
By Esther Rathnam


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From the "Big-Bank" perspective, we're all in "Big-Trouble"...

The entire Western World is teetering on top of Quadrillions ($1,000,000,000,000,000's) of derivatives debt. Derivatives are a special kind of financial security, that "derives" its value from another underlying asset. They are kind of like "bets" on these assets, and the Derivatives Market is like a great big global "casino" where these "bets" are placed.

More "bets" have been placed than there is paper "money" to pay them. In fact, the aggregate value of all these "bets", is worth more than the entire world's Gross Domestic Product, combined. (A nation's "GDP" is the total value of all "real" goods and services produced in that country.) Simply put: the debt can NEVER BE PAID.

"Big Bank" Conspiracy Facts:

The world banking elite, after convincing most nation's ruling elites after WWII to use their paper "money" instead of commodity-based money (like gold and silver), have gone on to create the biggest speculative bubble in all of known human history. Their solution? Devaluing all existing money, by "printing" even more, as well as directing the ruling elite in the various nations that are indebted to them, to increase taxes on the productive capacity of real people like you and me.

What do we do?

The early Christians also had to deal with a police state military dictatorship. They too had to deal with a ruling elite class that looked down upon the "masses", and treated them like cattle, to be "managed" and "culled" whenever they deemed it necessary.

What practical instructions did the Spirit of Christ give them through the apostles though? Simply this: We are not to worry about any of that, rather,

1. We are to be Strong in Faith:

"Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of HIS might.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.

For WE WRESTLE NOT AGAINST FLESH AND BLOOD, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in [THIS] EVIL DAY, and having done all, to stand." Ephesians 6:10-13

The Bible is not just a "spiritual" book though. It is rather, if one thinks about it, a preeminently "practical" book. Practically-speaking,

2. We are told to learn truly PRODUCTIVE SKILLS and WORK HARD. (We may not be able to benefit from cheap Chinese goods for much longer):

"And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you;

That ye may walk honestly toward them that are without, and that ye may have lack of nothing." I Thessalonians 4:10-12

"And let ours also learn to maintain good works for necessary uses, that they be not unfruitful." Titus 3:14

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MrBill... you are singing my tune, brother!!

Like RC Sproul once said: "Most Christians say they believe in the sovereignty of God, but live like that trust in the sovereignty of man."

How true it is!


 2011/11/17 11:32

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MrBill... you are singing my tune, brother!!

Like RC Sproul once said: "Most Christians say they believe in the sovereignty of God, but live like that trust in the sovereignty of man."

How true it is!


You know Brother, this right here below is so powerful, it has me thinking along the lines, like a hurricane or tornado we can't do anything about it. The recession should be something considered like a hurricane or tornado, nothing we can do, only God can protect us.

This is so powerful:
This recession God is calling us to acknowledge His power and authority. We are not to doubt God’s Sovereignty nor are we to steal His Glory.


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