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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : The Two Witnesses Literal or Symbolic?

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 Re: The Two Witnesses Literal or Symbolic?

The Two Witnesses bring forth the same Message of the Kingdom of Heaven in the Last Generation, and they are hated the same as the Savior. In the begining Yahweh had a plan, the plan was to make man into his own image and likeness Genesis 1:26. Revelation 22:14 is the finishing of the Plan of Yahweh.

When the Two Witnesses bring their warning to the world (Revelation 11), that is shown to be the finishing of Yahweh's Plan and the calling up of the Saints.

Matthew 24:14— And this Message of the Kingdom will be preached to all the world by the One who bears witness to all nations; and then The End will come.

The Two Witnesses make up the Sixth and Seventh Lamps on the Seven Lamp Lampstand. Who are they? It 's not Elijah nor Enoch they have already played their part in the plan of Yahweh.

Revelation 11:1 — And there was given me a reed like a measuring rod. And the Malak stood, saying: Rise, and measure the temple of Yahweh, and the altar, and its confines;

Did you know that as we speak, this prophesy has been fulfilled? the temple has been measured and an exact replica has been made according to the specifications as shown by the Prophet Ezekiel. A copy has been sent to the Vatican and to the King of Jordan.

Their names are given in the book of Isaiah

However, there is one small problem concerning the two witnesses; the world does not believe them, just as they did'nt believe our Savior when he came. Noah preached 130 years, they did'nt believe him either.

 2011/11/15 22:14

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Hi Monkz,
The literal Elijah of the kings has already played his part in gods plan but the future witness will definitely be Elijah in the sense that John the baptist was Elijah.When Jesus was asked he said John was Elijah even though John didnt say that of himself.So the Elijah of the old testament wont literally come back but another person born of the womb will come in the power and spirit of Elijah like John did,
Yours Staff

 2011/11/16 17:51Profile


Very Interesting subject Staff, thanks. Will we recognize them?

 2011/11/16 19:53

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hmm i dont know if it will be in the power and spirit of Elijah since John already fullfilled that and there really is no indication in the scriptures? WHat is interesting is that though John was in the power of Spirit of ELijah he did not do the same miracles as him that Elisha did.....

though I agree it could be that the 2 witnesses are people that are super annointed revealed at the proper time....

 2011/11/16 19:57Profile

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Hi Evangeltam,
Their is plenty of scripture that indicates this if you take into account that alot of prophesy in the bible is a pattern rather than a prediction.If you look at the life of Elijah you will see what the witness is about.Also Jesus said of John that he was Elijah(he was dead at this time)and then said that Elijah would (in the future)come and restore all things(John had not achieved this).
John didnt do miracles as his Job was to point to Jesus not himself.
Hi Monkz
We will recognise them through the scriptures and the Holy Spirit,yours staff

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 Re: The Two Witnesses Literal or Symbolic?

Good bible interpretation practice especially in Revelations, if it doesn't say this is a symbol then its likely literal. :) Revelation is very deep but it's pretty straight forward when it comes to a lot of the literal/symbolic stuff. Hope that helps :)

Matthew Guldner

 2011/11/17 8:45Profile

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"Good bible interpretation practice especially in Revelations, if it doesn't say this is a symbol then its likely literal. :)"

We were taught this in Bible School...and since then I have learned to value this approach to Biblical interpretation. One should compare like scripture with like, but it usually is literal unless indicated otherwise. Too many folks spiritualize prophecy and that confuses, leaves others thinking they can never understand it because they are not poetically inclined.

Got any more questions? I love the book of Revelation...when I feel blue about the world's situation, I love to read Revelation - it comforts!

Sandra Miller

 2011/11/19 6:49Profile

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