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Discussion Forum : Revivals And Church History : Question on History of the Church after Constantine

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 Question on History of the Church after Constantine

Hi guys,

I was wondering as to what happened to the 'true church' after the Roman Catholic church was established.

(I don't know much about that era, actually...)

If my memory is correct, someone once commented on these forums that the 'true church' was driven underground after the church was institutionalized in the form of Roman Catholicism. But - perhaps not surprisingly - historical records on this underground movement are sparse. I think it was also said that John Wesley believed this to be the 'true successor' of the early church, rather than the Roman Catholic church.

Would be great if someone could shed light on this!

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 Re: Question on History of the Church after Constantine

I've read and heard lectures on the "remnant" church between Constantine and the Reformation, but it's been awhile and I have not retained enough of it to answer intelligently about it.

The basic answer is yes, there was always a remnant both outside and even a very small remnant "inside" the Catholic Church.

An excellent resource that I have found lately is put out by Todd Friel and RW Glenn called "Drive By Church History". It's 11 CD's of the two of them discussing church history. RW Glenn is a walking encyclopedia. It's broken down into 15 minutes segments and done in a way that is not overly "achedemic", and they also throw in a little humor here and there.

This is not something you want if you are working on your PhD... but for the average Christian like me... it's perfect and I highly recommend it.

You can find it here:

Todd Friel was part of Way of the Master with Ray Comfort until he began Wretched Radio and his TV show Wretched. (He refers to himself as "The Wretch the song refers to..." in reference to Amazing Grace.)

They also have Drive By Theology which is fantastic as well.


 2011/11/15 5:36

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