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Developing the Fear of the Lord

This is NOT a conference, but it is my attempt to compile the biblical references on the fear of God.



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I am grateful for every post and reference here.

I find the subject difficult to talk about without testimony. And, of course grace is tailor-made in every case. I wrote something of this on the thread, Hudson Taylor Sees the Light:

I am now 210 days into this "persuading of men" on the street and have just begun to listen to the conference messages... strange as that may seem -- it is very strange to me. Last week was the first time I had time, given all that has been going on. I came on the site to make an addition to my signature and was excited to see TUC's comment on fear on the Taylor thread.

To me there is a strong relationship between the fear of God and revival. It is related to the closeness of God, the overwhelming reality of His power and yes holiness ...and of course all that follows from that. From the Hebrides report, people did not cry out for love, but for mercy, for example. I know the Love of God and something of the overwhelming waves in revival [recall the testimony of Brother Yorrie Richards and others].

Paul Washer's puzzlement about receiving his verse to speak on [2 Cor.5] does not make sense to me [see Taylor thread]. Perhaps I miss-heard him. Like I said, I have just begun to listen to these messages and I plan to take my time at it.

I just don't want to miss anything that God has to say on this. He brought the subject up.

Confidence in Him

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hi, i have seen the fruit of someone not being constrained by love for God or fear of God.a lovely lady who worked in the ministry locally fell in love with a teenaged youn man and began to do drugs with him and live in an adulterous lifestyle with him. within a few weeks , she had been fired ,lost her children,arrested, evicted etc....God does have discipline.she repented and married the young man and i pray she stays faithful to him but mostly to Him. i have seen this type of move of God over andover again sure your sins will find you must have the wisdom that comes with the fear of the Lord but let that be taken over by an overwhelming love for is both and :not either or.jimp

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 Re: I have lost the Fear of God

Dear bro.,
I just wanted to send a word of encouragement.

I jumped online this am to share a bit of testimony and saw and read your post and great comments.

But what you said, you said "I was convicted." Well it blessed me. It's a sweet testimony to my ears that Jesus convicts.

Just press in bro. in prayer and continue know matter how long it takses, No matter, and try to hear what he wants to say to you, and stay in that blessed word.

Isn't it just like Jesus to continue to woo us into a deeper walk w/ Him? For you at this time this conpilation that I did go to and watch.

Another thing I'd like to testify to is this, w/ every chastening I have ever experienced, I'm talking about when I knew that I knew God spoke about sin specific, often not even realizing my sin, but often too when he was tired of repentance and required more, when on my knees seeeking Him, though the chastening was grievious after assessing the damage done, and the great detriment it could and would have on my own children, or marriage He Always provided hope.

God is amazing like that. With every chastening, for me anyway, after I realized what I was doing outside His will that could effect my loved ones and relationships , mine and theirs with Him,(that's what He has used most in my life) He always gave me a way out so to speak. And always through His word.

That to me it this blessed fear of the Lord in one aspect I've experienced.

I'm not saying it's an easy pill to swallow. Just that w/ the chastening he still offered and continues, HOPE. And I knew He still loved me. And mine. And still does. Rms. 8:38

So stand brother on His word like the ol' hymm sings, "standing, standing, standing on the promises of Christ my king".

Just wanted to send a word of encouragement. We all feel apathetic at times. This stinkin flesh doesn't care much for spiritual things I'm afraid. But the spirit is still willing. But hang in there, press in and stand on them promises and He'll revive your heart again.

You're luv'd!

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 Re: I have lost the Fear of God

I just had another thought,

Just to think we have every need to fear the holy of holies who hung on that cross to save us from ourselves born in sin and inclined to do our own will and not His. Is 53...

And He is not able I believe to tolerate sin. For he is holy.

Thus the great manifested love. His sacrifice. So now though we can through repentance and faith hide in this love that leads us to heaven, there is work to be done while we are yet here.

This my friend is what gives me the greatest fear. Fear that I can botch things up, (again) by not trusting in Him w/ a pure heart.

Jesus came to SAVE SOULS. From an eternal hell. At GREAT sacrifice we cannot even fully grasp.

Will I, after so great a salvation, my own, help Satan who comes to kill, steel and destroy? or my Saviour to win others to this eternal reunion to our Creator/Saviour?

This too helps me at least acknowledge the fear of natural consequences of sin before a holy God.

Because there are and rightly so grave consequences to sin
that we will one day realize completely when we stand before Him to recieve the judgement of our own deeds done.

For He is holy. And in His initial creation, Eden, all was wholly/perfect. Holy. Willful disobedience messed up all order of things.

The thing that grabs my heart the most in His sacrifice, more than the encouragement that He was visited by the temptor Satan to try and tempt Him (our Jesus) with relief from the pain He had/chose to endure for our behalf is that
He himself being God incarnate must have known what was before Him and it seems to me He may not / could not fathom what it was going to be like on that cross, (Gathsemane prayer). Not the physical suffering I'm thinking of, which was just as horrible than any human could possibly experience which is gruesemly horrible enough, but for the first time in history God would have a moment of separation so to speak from God. The Son, Creator/Saviour from the Father and Holy Spitit for the first time.... separated. In that moment is that when He truly became like us? Separated from God? I think so.

For it sais that the Father had to turn His face away from Him when He became sin for us! And we heard His cry, Father, why hast thou forsaken me. But then, Father forgive them for they know not what they do. Wow.

I cry even as I write because I have experienced His presense leave me after his long suffering w/ me. And after giving in to sin felt the Spirit leave so to speak and cried out for His return. Crazy thing is, I didn't feel him before I gave in to sin. That precious presense let me know then that He was w/ me all along.

To think He of all would experience that for me, that I cannot fathom.

And that friend I hope helps you, scriptually sound I hope/believe it is, a thought that helps me tremendously to Love Him and to Fear His justifyable judgement toward sin.

Your're loved.

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Whatever fear of God I have is because of this - God punished me severely for my nonsense, pride, self-conceit, disobedience etc. - in short for sins. And that is what has put the fear of God into me. I don't want to have anything to do with the other side (wrath) of God.

Fear of God is so so important. The Bible says it is the "beginning" of wisdom. But I believe it need not be learnt the hard way always. Wise people will learn it the right way - by trusting Him and obeying Him (and not playing the fool with Him).

Some verses:
God will not be mocked.
It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God.
Behold the goodness and severity of God.

The Bible goes to the extent of saying - Rejoice with fear and trembling.


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Hi JoanM,

This is a thread on the Fear of God that was posted around the time and leading up to the conference.

Hope this helps!

Devoted to Fearing His Name,

Brother Kevin

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I find the phrase "reverent awe" to be rather useless term when describing the fear of the Lord. While technically correct, in my opinion, it waters down the concept. When God appeared on the side of Horeb to give the Ten Commandments, the fear they felt was heart pounding sorta stuff. Read Exodus 19. It was pretty terrifying.

And to experience a true fear of the Lord, you should have a sense of terror about you when you think about God. Why? Because God could send you to hell forever and ever. Say what you want about eternal security: God could send you to hell forever and ever. And if you really think about that, that's a pretty terrifying concept.

Only once you have a true sense of that do I think you can rightly talk about "reverent awe." Otherwise, the idea of awe is silly talk designed to numb you and make you feel a little bit more comfortable about where you are in your life. It keeps you from having a true revelation of God as He in fact is. And we don't want that, because it makes us very uncomfortable. We don't have the stomach for such a revelation.

Without a sense of terror, you'll never truly know reverence.

Jimmy H

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Fear of God for me is more than "reverent awe" and like other saints have previously mentioned the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. The fear of God and knowing I will stand before the judgement seat Of Christ one day and give an account of all that I have done reminds me of how mighty and just He is. When tempted to disobey or sin that fear has often stopped me right in my tracks. Through that fear I am growing day by day depending on Him alone and also growing to know His ultimate truth and love.


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The fear of God keeps you steps in check, the love for God compells you to serve Him.

Jimmy H

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