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  ...lose all sense of ownership...

It wasn’t too late to flee the country; thousands were still able to buy their way out. The pastor and his wife struggled with the decision to go or stay. “If we go to prison, it could be for years. What about our son?”

But they did not want to leave their church. The members looked to them for strength and support, and the couple felt guilty for being tempted to leave. A friend reminded them of the angel’s words to Lot, “Escape for thy life; look not behind thee.”
The pastor wondered, “Was that a message from God? Should we escape for our lives?”
His wife read another verse. “For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me and for the gospel will save it” (Mark 8:35).
So the debate continued until one night at a secret house-church meeting, where fifty believers had gathered for an all-night vigil. Around midnight, a woman kneeling with the rest cried out, “And you, the one who is thinking of leaving—remember that the Good Shepherd did not desert his flock. He stayed to the end.”
This dear woman knew nothing about the struggle of the pastor and his wife, but to them the message was clear. They stayed and chose to serve their flock, and later suffered with them in prison.

Like the Wurmbrands, we must pray about our decisions, search the Bible, and listen to others’ counsel. And, like the Wurmbrands, we must be committed to obeying God’s answer before we receive it. That is the key. It is as if we begin our prayers with a firm “Yes” before we even ask what we should do. We must be willing to let go of our own lives and lose all sense of ownership. Only then can we find our true life and accept God’s full will for our lives. Do you often keep such a tight grip on your life that if God wanted to change your mind about a certain decision, you wouldn’t allow him to do it anyway?
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 Re: ...lose all sense of ownership...

My testimony of this.

I was so blessed by God to spend a year in a beautiful place where we could spend much quiet time together, the Lord and I. Then that year was up. Time to move, foreclosure in the house I was in, so, I had begun to look at places to rent in the area that I really became to enjoy. Mountains, Lake Tahoe only 45 miles away etc. Oh, how I loved it there. Four seasons. And being a nature photographer it was even more special. And a backyard that looked out on a huge meadow with wildlife & mountains to spend my times together with Him.

All unexpected too. I had been in Oklahoma 3 years caring for my dear mother who the Lord brought to salvation at that time. All praises to Him. It was a draining time. So, after she went Home I camped out in Colorado for 9 weeks and then came back to Oklahoma. Weather was 117' with humidity. To me this is not a place to be in when your an outdoors person. So I took off West to see my family and friends.

On the long and lonely road - Hwy. 50, never lonely with the Lord though, I asked the Lord, "what next Lord, what do you have for me next". I felt very strongly He said, "I have something very special for you and it is a surprise." I was thrilled to hear from Him so quickly, even more than what the surprise might be.

so, my son, having a vacant rental in Reno, asked me if I would stop and turn down the hot water heater, Well, I did and it was so beautiful there I asked if I could stay for a few days and unwind. Just a comforter on the floor and a pillow. But it was me, my two dogs and the Holy Spirit. Not even the internet. And it ended up that was my surprise from the Lord. I stayed almost one year to the day. And what a glorious time with Him it was too. Praise His Name.

Then time to move out and as I was looking on Craig's list I heard the Holy Spirit say every time I looked. "Your wasting your time." I told the H.S. I heard but could He just hang with me as I see what is in the area. So, He let me but still every time was the voice, "Your wasting your time".

Then on a conference call with some dear sisters I made the statement, "Gods will be done in my life, even if it meant going back to Oklahoma!" Actually at that time I did not think that was at all God's will for me. grin.

Then came time to move. The VOM conference in Oklahoma was taking place. And the family was there along with a dear Brother who pastors a Church 1 1/2 hours from me in OK.

So, the Lord laid it upon my heart very strongly that is where He wanted me to go for a season. I realize now with this article I had said OK before I knew He really wanted me back in OK.

The peace that passes all understanding came upon me and my joy was in tact. Totally of the Lord as those who know me know how much I dont care for flat land and heat and humidity.

The first day here I wanted to go to Colorado. Grin. But the second day the peace returned and I knew that I knew I was in God's perfect will. He showed me why I was here and He is answering prayers from so many years of praying and He is moving so beautifully in peoples lives here I am in awe. I am actually standing back and watching Him be God. I am enjoying Him so much.

And in that my constant prayer and desire is to be so close to Him that the His love will pour through me, as I stay out of His way, onto those I come in contact with. To speak His words, to not speak even when I want to.

For this situation He has told me to love on people with the love of Jesus. Not to be critical or judgemental, or a no-it-all, but to love with His heart, to see with His eyes as He is working on people on the inside. And He is preparing the hearts to receive the words He will give me and will let me know when it is time to speak His words. He is tearing down the strongholds and reuniting relationships. Hallelujah!!! He is amazing. As He gets all the glory as it is He that is moving in lives.

There is so much peace, the peace that passes all understanding that comes with being in His perfect will, walking in the forgiveness of God. God says mercy, man says judgement. Praise His Holy Name for a God of grace and mercy and may we all walk in it.

My goal in life is to stay so very close to Him. To love Him and tell Him so, to worship Him in spirit and in truth, to sit at His feet and learn of Him, to let the Living waters flow though me onto those He brings my way.

I am not even close to arriving as some saints have but Praise God! I am moving in that direction. And I love Him so much because He first loved me. I love much because I have been forgiven much. All praise and glory to Him.

Thank you if you took time to read this. God bless us all with more of Him and His Presence and less of us as we turn our eyes upon Jesus the things of this world will grow strangely dim.

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Dear sister,
Thank you for sharing your testimony today.
There is nothing better than to sit at Jesus feet, Praise His name.
I am so happy for you!

Peace to you,

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