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(A relative of mine was told today she has cancer in her lymph nodes. I visited with her and encouraged her to go for anointing. She recognized the scripture but said it would be kind of humiliating to do so! My sister, her mother, said well, that is what is needed!)

For ethical considerations,anointing with oil maybe done touching only on the forehead or just do laying of hands. I don't think there is a strict procedure to be followed.

What do you all think? What has the LORD shown you concerning your obedience to this scripture?

I see it as an offer of grace to the church rather than within the concept of command and obedience.

Concerning the elders, are they men who fast as well as pray?

Elders as I understand, are those who are more reliable in their character, faith, and conduct. They know and trust the Lord in a more stable and mature way. They are also less susceptible from being puffed-up.

Fasting and prayer in themselves are powerless. It is to the mercy, grace, and power of the Lord that we come, we stand, and trust.

Prayer and fasting are deep forms of worship, by them we acknowledge the existence, benevolence, and power of God.

In praying for the sick, we are not there to bring judgement, but to offer grace and repentance. To appeal and intercede for somebody as Moses pleaded for for the sins of Israel.

Job 2:13 So they sat down with him upon the ground seven days and seven nights, and none spake a word unto him: for they saw that his grief was very great.

Jobs friends did well by just being silent until the judgemental spirit tookover.

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