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 Killing My Old Man

Heard this golden oldie this morning. What great devotional thoughts. Bob Hartman has perhaps been the primary poet of God's truth to a generation. You will catch several scriptures woven into the fabric of the song. Let it sink in good and deep...killing my old man!


I think its gone far enough
I can't take it anymore
I've got to even up the score
Before he sweeps me off the floor
I've really got to find a way
Of taking care of him for good
I know he'd kill me if he could
So I'll nail him to the wood

Killing my old man
You may not understand
He's a terrible man
Got to make a stand
And kill the old man

Every time that I think he's gone and I've finally won
He just keeps coming back, puts me on the run

I think I'd better do it now
Get my hammer and a nail
Pray to God I that I won't fail
Lest he'll keep me in the jail
And I don't wanna stay in jail!

Words and Music by Bob Hartman
Originally released on "Never Say Die"

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