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Owasso, OK


My name is Jeremy Strang and I am working on a new project called, "Realities of a True Christian." Here is where you come in. Please know that I have permission to post this request.

I need you to give me some suggestions on Sermon Links for the ends of each chapter. I can have more than one. I want to be able to provide as much material in little of space as possible in this book. Pray that this is the will of the Father or else convict me to stop as it would be only dung in His sight. Any help that you all can give me would be huge. The goal is to bring all people back to a centering in Christ Jesus, show realities to the Christian claim and a tool for believers in any area of sanctification.

Below you will see the chapter names (at least for now). Also you will see some ideas for sermon references behind the chapter names.

Intro: Definition of Reality from the 1828 Websters Dictionary.
1. Conversion or Cessation (new birth or death)(Malachi's Resurgence - David Ravenhill)
2. The Word is or the Word is Not (inspired and sufficient or is not)
3. Holiness or Humanism ( Ten Sheckles and a Shirt for sure)
4. Heeding Reproof (discipline and conviction of God)
5. Enlightenment of Sin (depravity of man and sin in God's eyes)
6. Brokenness Over Sin (a movement from knowledge of sin to repentance of sin - Voddie Baucham's Message on Brokenness from True Church Conference
2008 in Muscle Shoals, AL
7. Killing Sin (Romans 8 and others - John Piper's 2 Part Message)
8. Inside Out (Outward manifestations of sin is only signs of impurity of the heart)
9. True Fasting
10. Wholly Devoted (Romans 1:18 through 2:8 for context) (Run - Carter Conlon)
11. Style of Life
12. Weeping, Kneeling, and Loving the Lost (A Call to Anguish - David Wilkerson)(Weeping Between the Porch and the Alter - Leonard Ravenhill)
13. Suffering and Advancing (Taking the Message to the World - Paul Washer)

For more information or to contact me directly go to: or email at: [email protected] Always feel free to comment or post on this thread.

Peace and blessings.
In Christ alone,
Jeremy Strang

Jeremy B Strang

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Sounds like a tremendous project dear brother. I hope many brothers and sisters can give you thoughtful public and private feedback on this and help you with this for the Glory of God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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Joined: 2011/10/21
Posts: 152
Owasso, OK


If you would, send me your address. I would like to send something in the mail to you as a gift of thanks. Not much, but Lord willing to His usage and glory.


Jeremy B Strang

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