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 Mercy Unrecognized

Mercy Unrecognized

Knowing our hearts tend to wander
our Father has safeguards in place
Those men borne about by His Spirit,
His own vessels of mercy and grace
These servants who call out in wisdom
to those in their own eyes thought wise
We sadly too oft in our ignorance
this grace and true mercy despise
Our Lord Himself knew this same treatment
as One sent to reclaim His own
Saw most close their eyes and their ears to Him,
and harden their hearts like a stone

Do we claim we’re past this same danger,
unshakably firm that we stand
While blind to how many around us
are setting aside His command
To steadfastly render all diligence
our election and calling make sure
Salvation assured not to many,
save the few whose love will endure
Yet knowing a judgment awaits us,
the record of all we have done
We’ll each give account for our actions
and words every unwholesome one

These men borne about by His Spirit
like prophets of God gone before
Are still much opposed by the people
their message is meant to restore
For discipline never is pleasant
but lovingly comes with much pain
To rescue the spiritually hardened
and turn them to God once again
So beware lest we quench divine fire
deceived we’re right in our own eyes
Rejecting true grace of His mercy
the same prophecy we now despise

Alan and Dina Martin

 2011/11/3 10:19Profile

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