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 A series of visions from 2009. Part 1

Below is part one of a series of visions that my cousin had in 2009. As many know I am a conservative Pentecostal for lack of a better phrase. I have no connections to Charismatics or so called Charismania. There are so many claims from people about visions and propecies and so on and one has to exercise great discernment , especially in these days, when it comes to these matters. My spirit witnessed with what my cousin saw in his visions and what the Lord was showing him about the state of Britian and the West. My cousin’s father, who had now passed away, was my mothers brother. He was a Godly man and spent the better part of 30 years as a missionary in Pakistan. He shared that journey with his wife whom he met and married there. She is from Wales and is a very Godly woman. In fact, I visted her a couple of years ago when we had a revival conference in Moriah chapel, the very center of the Welsh revival at the turn of the 20th Century , she lives just a short distance away, in the village of Lougher. I will post the rest of my cousins vision in two more parts. ………………….

The following is a record of a series of prophetic experiences which happened early in November 2009.

I saw the Ark of the Covenant coming down from the sky into the streets of Leicester and was instantly aware of its immense power. It was radiant and glorious. These visions appear as images as if projected onto the canvas of your mind. I read in the Old Testament that the people of God won wars and great victories when the Ark was with them but were taken into captivity and slavery when they allowed their enemies to steal it from them. The Ark is the very Presence of God with His People. This is what it symbolizes. With the Ark of His Presence the children of God will accomplish great and mighty things for His Kingdom. I had been meditating on a song and praying it. The singer kept repeating the words “Let power come down from your heavens”. This was going round in my spirit as I went about my life as I knew the Holy Spirit would reveal something to me and was stirring something prophetic to be released.

A few days later I saw the Ark again and as it came down from the sky into Leicester and as it hovered its lid lifted off partially. From it came radiance. Streams emanated like individual lightening currents as they hit people in the street. It hovered in the middle of the sky and its holiness and radiance was so powerful. It hit them right in the chest and I saw them recoil back with the impact of the encounter. It was such an amazing sight. I thought about who these people were and wondered what was going on in their lives. The words “deep impact” kept coming into my spirit and I knew that He wanted to deeply impact peoples lives with His Presence. The Ark seemed to bring colour and life and health. Things seemed to be black and white and dull without the Ark. But when it arrived there was colour, life and vibrancy. This Ark was everything. It just began to fill my spirit. It was new hope and new life. It was healing and restoration. It was everything. It was the fullness of God and His Power. I knew instantly that there was a process to getting the Ark back; a strategy which might be a life’s work. I knew there were steps we had to take; things that we had to do.

I carried on my life but something began to overwhelm me in my spirit. The desire to see this Ark which carried the Presence began to become something inside me. It was like a holy determination to have this Ark and not just for myself. I am not a theological person but I know what I felt. It was from outside myself and yet it was put in me. I knew that this Ark was needed in more than one city; the nation and beyond needed it and it had to come. Its arrival would change everything. It would cause the people of God to do great and mighty things for Him and end their powerlessness and ineffectiveness in their communities. Without this Ark with us we were nothing. We made no real difference. I knew that we needed this Ark and that we had to call out for it to come. It seemed to me to be urgent. I felt I would never be truly satisfied or feel complete until it was brought. Much of my dissatisfaction came from the fact that this Presence had gone from the land and from the church. Even what the church was calling His Presence was not truly this Presence and I wondered if the church even knew this.

What they had was tainted by other spiritual forces and the flesh. We had to have the fullness of this Ark and everything it meant. I could see its transforming power but I kept coming back to life and trying to push away these stirrings from the Holy Spirit and said to the Lord; “I’ve got things to do and get on with; things to sort out” and He kept replying to me “Nothing is more important than the Ark”. I began to know this was true as I began to feel so deeply its transforming power. And yet the Holy Spirit kept asking me as He transmitted the words into my spirit; “Who will bring the Ark back? Who will give it the place of central importance? Who will make it their life’s work? Who will offer their lives as a sacrifice to this?” I came to know that this was a cause worth dying for as in it the name of Jesus would be glorified. The words of Jesus which are spirit came to me and entered my spirit; “I have glorified My Name and I will glorify it again”.

I began to know so deeply that the Ark and what is symbolized would change everything and that it would have power to heal my nation. There truly was nothing more important than the Ark and what it represented as without it there would be only death and decay. I could see that I needed the Ark and so did the city and the nation. I suddenly could feel the spiritual life of the city and the nation ebbing away. It was as though in the spirit this life was crying out to me to do something. I knew that this box was the top priority as it was clearly more than just a box; it was life; it was the life of God. It was the Divine breath of God that would revive and heal and cleanse. I thought of the immense power of this life. It was the orchestrating force of all life as we know it. It would reanimate the spiritual life and would make itself known in the natural and visible world. As I walked about seeing people dashing around I thought of all the important things they might be doing. They could be going to visit someone in hospital, borrow money to buy a house, going to see a doctor to seek healing, looking for a job. And yet, whilst I knew these things were important and whilst many of the masses I saw were under severe pressures in these days I wondered at what forces were moving and directing their minds and their actions; the Presence of this Ark was the most vital thing. It was that critical. It began to overwhelm me. It was as though I was taken out of the ordinary and given this deeper and more critical view of things. I felt I was being taken to the core of the problem. It was like being a doctor as images suddenly flashed before as I was taken to the core diagnosis of the problem with our nation and my city. I could see the sickness and disease of our nation and I knew that God had the answer. The core answer lay in this Ark and I just began to know it so deeply. In the midst of all action and apparent life I began to smell the atmosphere of death. All my spiritual senses were awakened as I took in the odour of decay. The people were totally unaware. They were oblivious to it. It was the spiritual life of the city and the nation that I could smell. The urgency of the Ark began to overwhelm me. I knew there must be others who saw this.

I began to weep and ask that this Presence would come. I realized that I was carrying a grief that the Presence was not truly here in my nation. I began to know that many people in the Body of Christ were carrying this grief. The Kingdom of God and the Presence of the Holy Spirit was the most important thing to them and many wanted the true church to emerge. It was like the single most important thing and at the very core of our existence and purpose; to have this fullness and to see the manifestation of this fullness all around us. Without it many would subconsciously live with this grief that the fullness of the manifestation was not being shown. Others who did not see its importance or who were distracted by the things of this world may not see how vital it was. They may even be distracted by “church” things as the Ark spoke of the Kingdom of God which I came to know was very different to “church” stuff. Without this there would be a constant feeling that we were settling for less. Some in the church may be able to go about their lives and not be bothered about it as long as they were okay and their own personal lives were not particularly stricken with anything serious. But to others there would be a deeper longing and yearning which they knew others did not live with. The yearning to see the people of Jesus doing truly great and mighty works and truly come into His fullness. To walk in Divine love and power. To see God vindicate His own Name in the land. The fullness of the character of Christ and the coming of His Presence would be key. He was actually holding back His Presence as He prepared those who would receive it. Many saw signs and wonders and the release of these as the end in themselves and yet they were not. I was aware that we have not even begun to move onto the true realm of His Presence. Holiness and consecration were vital to this as was the character of Christ. I was aware that the Ark was a holy and sacred thing. Therefore consecration to the Ark was consecration to Christ.

I knew we were being held to account for our cities and our nation. God was not joking about this task and He did not want it looked upon as some light cause-celeb. It was life or death for the city and the nation. Happy clapping on a Sunday wouldn’t`t do it. Warfare was needed. True and genuine and sustained spiritual warfare with great wisdom and the leading of the Holy Spirit. When He says its time to camp then its time to camp. But when He says its time to beat your ploughshares into swords then its time to fight. The key is to hear Him and obey.

I began to see that the Ark was Christ and the life of Christ. It was holy and sacred. It was His Spirit. It was His wisdom and His justice. It was His Kingdom and His Order. It was powerful and it carried the law. Jesus said that He was the fulfillment of the law. He did not do away with the law but fulfilled it. He ushered in the grace of God. It was the time of His grace. He would extend His grace to whoever He chose. Churches may want to control who they let in but Gods grace would be extended to all and His Kingdom was wider. I began to think about the angel that appeared to the shepherds. He said it was good news for all people that the Saviour had been born.

Suddenly it was as if the Ark meant all things. It was Divine Order. It was the fullness of Christ. Touching absolutely everything. Its impact would be truly deep. In time it would completely alter the structures of our society. It would solve the great and deepest problems of our nation. The Ark would tear down and re-build the very foundations It would rip out the old foundations and lay new ones. It was as though its influence had been here once, in part, but now I began to see it ebbing away. I could only see pockets of hope. In the vision I was shown the island of Great Britain but wondered whether we were winning the deeper battles. The Holy Spirit said to me “Who will carry the Ark?” and my immediate response was “I will”. Then the Holy Spirit showed me that the heart was everything and that the Lord was looking on the heart. To a church which thrived on professionalism and those who communicate well, who trusted in their educations etc. I could see that all this was largely missing the point. The key thing was desire and hunger and brokenness before God. We needed the very Person of Christ through the Holy Spirit; the very Presence of God to be with us. We needed to truly welcome Him and embrace Him. I was aware that many churches said that they welcomed Him but actually only invited Him as a passenger whilst they actually decided their course. But if He was truly the source of the Arks power then we needed Him to fill our nation and our cities with His Presence. We had to collectively call on Him to come and we had to repent of our ways. We had to have the fullness of the Presence and everything that went with it. We had to position ourselves to receive the Ark and be ready to receive. We had to be participants in the process. We had to prepare ourselves.

 2011/10/28 16:56

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 Re: A series of visions from 2009. Part 1

Hi Frank:

I say Amen to this. This is what my own heart beats for (with the help of His grace). And as your cousin said, this matter of seeing the Ark in our midst again... it calls for a life commitment.

I think of all the things that are going on in the Christian realm in this hour; there is so much that it's possible to get involved in these days... a lot of it “good.”

But where is the Ark?

And where are the people who are mourning for the Ark? How easy it is to just carry on without it.

We’re told that while the ark was in Kirjath-jearim, the time was long... many years... before the people began “to mourn for the ark” (1 Sam. 7.2).

In other words, they carried on with all the things that made up their lives, all the religious activity, as we do in our day — Sunday church, weekly Bible study, praise and worship, the many programs it’s possible to get involved in...

But where is the Ark?

A few days ago the Lord laid this verse on my heart:

“The LORD looked down from Heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, and seek God” (Ps. 14.1).

That’s the measure of our understanding in this hour-- If we are not seeking God... we simply do not understand.

Oh, you say, I am seeking God for this... or for that...

No, that’s not what I mean. Seek GOD... Himself.

The Ark.

David said, "Seek the LORD, and His strength" (Ps. 195.4).
That is, the ARK.

For earlier He had “delivered His ‘strength’ into captivity, and His glory into the enemy’s hand” (Ps. 78.6).

His strength, His glory... That is, the ark. God had actually allowed the ark to fall into the hands of the Philistines. But the Philistines were plagued by it, till finally they devised a way to get rid of it, and return it to Israel.

They put it on a cart and harnessed up two milk cows to the cart, at the same time tying up their calves back in the barn. And then they let the cows go. Now, the first thing a cow would do is head straight for that barn, and her calf. But not these two cows. They headed straight down the road for Israel, “lowing as the went.” (1 Sam. 6.12). They wanted to go to their calves!

But the Ark wanted to go home!

...Our Lord Jesus Christ WANTS to come to us, beloved! We are HOME to Him.

For our part, then, will we not seek Him? I mean, seek HIM — His Presence with us... He Himself... the ARK in our midst again? Will we not make this the ONE THING we breathe for... and seek Him as to what He is looking for from us... just what it is that we must do... that will bring Him back?

Oh, to see this!

“Arise, O LORD, into Thy REST, Thou and the ark of Thy strength” (Ps. 132.8).

Allan Halton

 2011/10/28 22:49Profile


Amen Allan, you write………………..

“And where are the people who are mourning for the Ark? How easy it is to just carry on without it.”

Brother, do you know that as the Lord hung outside of the city , hung upon the cross, discarded and rejected and cried out ” It is finished,” that the veil of the temple was torn from top to bottom, I know you know that. Yet what was the point of that? Why was the Holy of Holy’s revealed and what was revealed? It was revealed that that the Ark was not there, no the presence of God was not in the midst of the temple of God where it was supposed to be , the presence of God hung on a tree for all who had eyes to see. The Ark, it is reckoned, had not been in the Temple for over over 500 years. So what had taken place for all these years? All the religious activity, all the sacrificing , all the feast days. When the High Priests went behind the veil every year, what were they doing? It was a mockery,and it was a mockery that God judged and not one stone was left unturned as this temple was judged. And before it was destroyed the Roman emperor inisted on being the first to enter this room, and he famously asked ” what was all the fuss about an empty room.” Everything outside of the presence of God is without meaning. The church goes on without His presence because that is what an institution does. If they sought Him with all of their hearts, would He not come? Yes He would. If they suspended all of their activities and spent day and night crying out to Him with their whole hearts would He not come? Yes He would. Can they humble themsleves and admit total failure? Why that would mean the loss of reputaion and power and standing in the pulpit amongst men. Do they fear men rather than God?

God has His remnant brother and He has them scattered for now. He alone knows the time when they shall be gathered together……………………brother Frank

 2011/10/29 0:23

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Hi Frank:

Yes, the veil of the temple was rent, and lo... the place was empty.

By way of contrast: "And the temple of God was opened in Heaven, and there was seen in His temple the ark of his testament (covenant): and there were lightnings, and voices, and thunderings, and an earthquake, and great hail" (Rev. 11.19).

THIS temple was opened, and lo, the ark was THERE!

...I don't know that I understand this passage all that well, Frank, but I dearly want to be part of this, part of this temple of living stones that is the habitation of the living GOD... and the hour comes when the Ark within is SEEN, the ARK Himself is SEEN... and what a storm it creates!

Allan Halton

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 Re: A series of visions from 2009. Part 1

Dear Appolus

I once had a Charismatic pastor which was caught up with the Ark of the Covenant. She ended up having a mural of the Ark painted on the wall at the front of the church. Very well done and directly behind the podium where she preached. So on the following Sunday I walking into church totally unsuspecting anything was changed and as I became aware of the mural my heart was smitten with a great anguish.

My thoughts were turned to Hebrews chapters 8 and 9 which show that Jesus is our high priest as NT believers. Heb_8:10 For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord; I will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts: and I will be to them a God, and they shall be to me a people:
Heb_8:13 In that he saith, A new covenant, he hath made the first old. Now that which decayeth and waxeth old is ready to vanish away. Chapter 9 of Hebrews clearly shows that the Ark and the Tabernacle in the Wilderness were a picture of His coming and the new covenant with NT believers.

We are to worship Jesus. He is our saviour. The Ark is a symbol of the Mosaic law. He came to save us from the curse of the law. I don't know about you, but I am looking for Jesus to come and not the Ark. We are saved by the blood of the Son of God who is seated at the right hand of the Father in Heaven. Why turn our attention to the Ark which was made by the hands of man?

We are the temple of the Holy Spirit. At least those who are born again. Did the Ark send the promise of the Father upon you?

Joh_4:23 But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.
Joh_4:24 God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.

Worship Jesus!!!


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Hi Terry,

This vision is all about Jesus. There is no suggestion of worhipping an Ark or the Holy Spirit. This vision is about the presence of God. I am sorry that you once had a Charismatic woman preacher who was caught up in the Ark of the Covenant. This vision is soley about the missing presence of God, the ark is merely symbolic of that. That is why I started with a disclaimer :) God bless you Terry as you continue to worship Frank

 2011/10/29 17:21

 Re: A series of visions from 2009. Part 1

That was a sobering message brother, I received the entire word.

I noticed that the Ark was on the street and in the air, but it was not in the Churches. Christ sacrifice was without the city, on the outside of the Church. The four walls have made us greedy pigs and we expect sinners to come to us, but the Ark is on the street calling to us to come to the sinner. Come to the Ark.

I immediately saw that the Ark is the Spirit of Christ or the Holy Spirit and I couldn't help but think of another vision that a great evangelist had concerning similar things that your cousin had, his name was Tommy Hicks. But your kin spoke of much more details to which I long for.

Though battle weary, the longing for the kingdom of God and the power to be demonstrated is constantly reminding me that it's worth it all, hang in there hope is coming.

But he is right when he wrote that nothing is more important than the presence of God. We...I must want Him more than anything else in this world.

I wonder if that is what Jesus meant when He said of Mary, "she hath found the best part", sitting in His presence listening to Jesus.

I just remembered the dream that I had months ago concerning the presence of God. It was so real. The rain was so heavy that all "works" stopped, man could not go any further. The rich, poor, famous and infamous were all affected. When Jesus entered in, the chore of trying to get people saved ceased, people just melted where they were. In my dream, do you know what drove the presence away?

People started debating, arguing back and forth. When He left, no one knew He left, even I didn't see it at first until I saw Him outside.

Brother Frank, I only mentioned a little of my dream only to compliment your cousins, It's not my intention to draw away from the original theme.

Thanks for sharing, very sobering.

 2011/10/29 20:59


"That was a sobering message brother, I received the entire word"

Praise the Lord brother. I enjoyed reading your observations and hearing about your dream, I believe it is right on. I posted the second part of the vision on my website. I think it will be three parts, but maybe four. It is certainly all about the presence of God and I think as you read on you will see that it ties into your dream as well brother, I believe that is because the Spirit is speaking to His children. I also posted it on on Andrew Stroms site and there have been many insightful Frank

 2011/10/29 23:37

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 Re: A series of visions from 2009. Part 1


Appreciation--For you sharing this .

Lots of Truth meaning to this vision.
you said this was `Part 1',
Is there more that you will be sharing?


 2011/10/30 13:02Profile


Hi Elizabeth,

Here is part two.......................

Suddenly the nation seemed barren and devoid of God without this Ark. It was all meaningless and I could feel it. I could feel the bareness in the spirit realm. It was like life was seeping out of its spirit. Then I knew that the city and the nation was a living force and its life was dying and this was ultimately connected to turning away from Christ. The peoples were making wrong choices and forces were at work at higher levels to kill the spiritual life. I began to see swirling dark gusts of wind in the air around the street. These moved and were just above the heads of the peoples as they went about business. It was almost as if these were directing the peoples and influencing their movements. I felt like stopping people in the street as I walked about and saying to them; “Look, forget that….forget what you are doing…..we have to make sure this Ark gets here. It’s going to change everything. What we are facing is death. This Ark is life and its our future”. But they were lost in materialism and the affairs of their own lives and I became aware that I was in a battle with the forces controlling them. They were blinded. This message was like something burning inside me that had to be shared still. I was looking for those who would join the fight to bring back the Ark. Those who would be fully committed to it. Those that would put the Ark first above their own ambitions and agendas. I knew by now in my spirit that there was a level of sacrifice involved in this that would mean laying down everything.

Then amongst the crowd I began to see people with red marks on their foreheads. They were highlighted to me amongst the masses. The red on their foreheads seemed to draw me and call out to me. It was like a dash of red paint but then I was made aware that these were people marked by the Lord. These were the redeemed ones and they were marked by His blood. It was this blood that was calling me in the spirit. I remember thinking in my heart that this was good news. I would go to these ones and tell them about what I had seen and to try to make them aware of the work that we needed to do. I scrambled through the crowds to get to some of them amongst the masses. Amidst the large busy crowds there were a number of them and as my head turned I caught glimpses of them as they went into shops and walked about. I selected out one and ran up to him and tried to explain very quickly what I had seen and what we had to do. It was concise . It lay down the cards clearly. I knew that something war-like was being stirred up in me and that this fire had to be met with fire. It should have evoked a response and yet from this one it got none. I was dumbfounded. He seemed to prefer to just go about his life and mind his own business. This passivity frustrated me.

Then I saw a couple also with the mark on them so I ran to them hoping for a different response. I told them the same thing and naively remember thinking that they would accept my words and take up the challenge. The woman just waited and then simply said “The Lord has given this to you but its not for us”. I remember thinking that this sounded like some kind of rehearsed statement which seemed to be an excuse. I remember thinking in my mind “These people see something distasteful in the concept of fighting for something”. It was as if they had been programmed this way. But what had programmed them like this? I wondered if they had slipped into the comforts of church life and even considered that perhaps the existing church was partly responsible. I began to see the need for a new church. I wondered if there were those in the churches at the moment that felt like this also?

Perhaps new blood or a new breed had to emerge? I felt I would like to be one of the new breed. I remember being shocked at this couples spirit. What people say with their mouths is one thing and what you read in their spirit is another. I could read their spirits even aside from their words. It became like a living book in front of my eyes. They were essentially comfortable and settled with the status quo. I wondered whether, even though they carried the mark of Jesus on them and were born-again, that they too were being swayed by the powers around them. They too were being blinded by the powers of this world and swayed by them. Were they just happy to go to church and convince themselves they were different from the masses and yet were being controlled by the same demonic forces? Lured by comfort and the desires of the flesh or perhaps being conformed by their church structures and patterns. There seem to be no lion in them. Nothing warrior like was in them.

As I thought these things I saw Jesus on the cross and a spear striking His side. It cut through His flesh but by this time the water and blood had been separated. Then the Lord spoke to me and said “By this time my earthly body was truly dead.” I knew He was revealing this question to me. Was His Body now in the earth as represented by His church truly dead? Dead to the things of this world? Dead to the patterns of the flesh? Dead to its works? Dead to offence? Dead to everything of the flesh nature? Was I? Clearly I was not but I knew in my heart I wanted to be. I ran to others with the mark as I did not want to give up seeking those that would want to bring back the Ark. By now I was well aware that this was a deep call. Many would see it as a novel pursuit. I envisioned young people who would add zeal and endeavour and see the Ark as a noble cause. They might rally to the call initially. But who would stay the course and work through all the issues that might arise along the journey? I now saw this as a great quest. It was a life’s work. It was the great and fundamental cause of the time. It transcended everything. I thought of how much time we were wasting in our lives with trivial things when God was calling out to us and pleading with us to bring back the Ark. To bring back His Presence.

It was as if I had found my purpose in life. The Ark would only serve to lift up the name of Jesus. This is what the Presence of the Ark would do. The people of God would subdue their enemies and claim back their cities and nations with the Ark in their midst. But as I ran to others who had the mark of the blood I kept getting the same half hearted responses. Many knew the language of the Ark, they agreed with the need for the Ark and yet their level of commitment was so indecisive and shallow. It was as if they were happy to talk the language and surround themselves with the language and yet when the deeper questions were being asked they backed off. I wondered whether I should have tempered my words. Should I not speak so much of sacrifice and commitment? Had these become unfashionable words to those with the mark? Not commitment to a church or loyalty to a particular group of leader but to the wider and deeper cause. I thought “no”. I should speak as I had. With passion and from the heart and as led by the Holy Spirit. I told myself that I was not the problem. I had seen what I had seen and spoken as I was directed. It was a lack of commitment and sacrifice that I was exposing. I began to wonder where this army would come from. Where would the army of the Ark rise from? I wondered how many others with the mark of Jesus had gone astray in their hearts. I prayed that I had not. I examined myself.

I felt so angry with these people and was so discouraged that I fell on my knees and hung my head. I knew something in me had been activated. It had stirred me and I naively thought it would stir others too. But it hadn’t’t. I thought of all the talk that went on in churches and yet when it came to the critical thing, people seemed to be backing out. I wondered if they realized the depth of this thing and how critical it was? Whether to some it had just become like a game. Whether it was actually about the Kingdom of God to them or just about where they went on a Sunday. A place to leave their kids and hear a reassuring word. For others an arena for attention, to make a name for themselves and become the church celebrity. It all went through my head like a rush and I became so disillusioned. The blood and the water began to speak to me. I knew that this meant a separation. The water was a lighter substance than blood. I wondered whether there was now a separation going on in the Body of Christ? Was the Holy Spirit actually separating out some who would go to a deeper level in these days? A true army of consecrated disciples who would pay the price whatever the price.

As I did this I began to see all those who I had spoken with who had the mark of Jesus` blood on their forehead. I began to see their foreheads one by one in my vision as the mark of blood on their forehead changed. It transformed and the redness ebbed away and turned to water then just rolled down their foreheads. I had an assurance in my spirit that these ones still belonged to the Lord but when challenged with the deeper call they had shown their level of commitment to the cause. They had indeed made their choice. They may continue to speak the words of laying down their lives for the cause of the Presence, but they had not truly. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that the water was symbolic of their commitment. It had not been added by Him but it was something that had come from them as humans which watered down the blood. They had not lost the mark of the blood but now something in them had been added to it which spoke of the level of commitment. I now saw that the Ark was vital to the Kingdom of God. It spoke of bringing His Kingdom. Many may see this as some kind of fun venture especially in charismatic circles where people are so easily swayed by emotionalism and fleshly hype. I wondered how many would be willing to lay down their lives? I questioned what the western church was producing? Mere fans of Christianity? I thought of brothers and sisters around the world who were probably, this day, dying for their commitment to the Ark. The “cruise ship”, self indulgent Christianity began to sicken me.

I decided to get up and continue looking for those who would join me, trying not to lose heart in it all and telling myself that I would find some who would receive this message. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me and brought me to a halt as He said “There are others…..there is a remnant I have preserved…..but some are still to come in. These ones will be vital to the battle”. The revelation then hit me that there was a new church out there and the first fruits of it were coming forth. These ones were yet to come into the Kingdom. I knew that these would be a militant breed with the Kingdom of God set in their hearts. They were fixed on doing great things and would not want to be contained by church structures and systems. I began to see them rise up in a vision like an army. I saw armour being added to them with great haste as each individual part as described in Ephesians flew through the air and attach itself to them as if being divinely magnetized to each person. They were so focused and intent in their purpose. These were a Kingdom people and not a “church” people. They had a wider perspective than purely what was going on in individual churches. I then felt great hope rise up within me that these would be the salvation of the church as it now was. The “last days” warriors who would not be brought down to the level of church politics, personality battles and position seeking.

I suddenly became deeply aware that the Holy Spirit wanted to break the power of competition both within and between churches. At that moment I saw a man who the Holy Spirit revealed to me was a church leader. He seemed taken aback by the rising army and I got the sense that he felt threatened by the uprising. His human instincts to contain and control were being challenged. Then a large eagle flew down and landed on his shoulder. It was like an American bald-eagle with a white head. It was so majestic and an awesome sight. The presence the eagle carried was true authority and wisdom. I was aware that he was a prophet and represented the true prophetic word. He whispered into the ear of the man “Embrace them. Do not be afraid of them. Welcome them. You will know the ones by their hearts. They will have hearts for My Kingdom”.

 2011/10/30 13:29

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