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  “Lord, have mercy!”

The dog came forward, pulling on its leash, its wicked teeth bared. “Attack!” screamed its master, prison guard Captain Nudnii.

“Lord, have mercy!” cried out Shenia Komarov, the Christian prisoner. He knew the vicious guard dogs had killed many prisoners, and he prayed God would save him.
The large German shepherd rushed toward him but suddenly stopped. It cowered in fear, refusing to bite the Christian. Nudnii ordered the dog forward and even beat it, but it would not attack Komarov.
The prisoners were given almost nothing to eat, and when Komarov had humbly asked for a little more food, his request had earned him Nudnii’s wrath.
Days later, Komarov prayed. “Lord, I am at the end of my rope with hunger, scorn, and sorrow. Please, end everything. May I die and find rest, or else do a miracle as you did for Elijah.”
Immediately, Nudnii approached rapidly—although this time without his dog. Komarov thought God had answered his prayer and that he would soon die. Instead, the leader of the guards took the Christian to the kitchen where he gave him soup and bread to eat. He also provided food to other Christian prisoners.
“Forgive me for sending the dog to attack you,” Nudnii said to the Christian. “This torments me now.”
Komarov forgave the guard and thanked God for his miracle.

Many people can relate to the story of Daniel and the lions’ den. Their roughest circumstances resemble the tortuous fate Daniel was supposed to suffer at the hands of evil. Daniel’s story was a victorious one. He rose above his dire circumstances because he trusted God to save him. In the same way, we may be placed in circumstances—some even life threatening—that are beyond our control. God can rescue us from our frightening reality and give us his peace. We must simply trust him to deal with our “den” of problems. What intimidating situation do you face? Ask God to give you a sense of his protective presence. Trust him to deliver you safely through your trials.

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