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Dear Brother,

I too continue in prayer for you and your wife. That what satan plans for evil the Lord will turn it too good. That God will come and intervene in this situation and glorify Himself. Stay so very close to Him Brother. Psalm 27 always is a good one to pray and for comfort & encouragement.


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Dear Matthew,

God's will is that your marriage would be healed and restored. There are many believers that are praying for you and your wife.

I know from experience that when it seems like all is lost that the Lord can do what seems to be impossible by changing our hearts and making all things new.



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 Re: mguldner

I read, and the emotions wrought by your words brought tears to my eyes.

May the Holy Ghost come and wrap you up in His mighty arms and hold you close to His loving heart.

May the hope of God and love of His dear Son, be very near to you in your mind and in your heart.

I'm praying for you.

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God bless you, Matthew. I know full well what you are going through having been my brother's listening post the past three years - his wife said the same things your wife is. This is telling - they do not know each other but the issues appear similar, the unforgiveness, the anger...

Through this experience my brother came to know the LORD in a new way and it has changed him.

God bless you, Matthew...just keep looking to the LORD and allow him to speak to you - He does not want your marriage to be broken, either.

"Be still and know that I am God..." God is heard in the stillness, not in the roaring....

Sandra Miller

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Praying that God will restore your marriage.
God Bless

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 Re: Prayer Greatly needed.

Praying for you brother and wife. May the love of God be shed abroad by the Holy Spirit. I'm praying for the love of God to saturate your hearts. May the love of God surpass all emotions and hurts and pains... wipe the slate clean Lord by love and forgiveness. Bring them back together Lord.

 2011/11/2 16:03

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This world is not my home anymore.


I just saw this today, brother, and i am praying.

God bless you,


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Thank you all for your prayers, I have talked with my wife and we are starting to work things out. My wife wants a friendship and open lines of communications but right now what she says she needs the most is space and time to heal. This is difficult for me because I want to rush in and be that source of comfort and healing unfortunately I am the cause of the pain so my presence doesn't give that healing effect but makes matter worse.

Please keep praying for this relationship not every strand is severed but it was getting pretty close. I know God can mend and heal what is broken and I know that He will do it in His timing. For now my wife wants to return to a dating relationship where I see her for a couple of hours a day, we spent 5 hours today together with the kids and about the 4th hour she started acting depressed and distant but the first couple hours were great. When she is ready I am going to pursue her like she wants ie flowers, surprises, and just a friend.

God Bless,

Matthew Guldner

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Celina, Texas


May God strengthen you and soften her, so that healing can begin.

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Hi Matthew, Just a short communication to let you know that I will be remembering you and your situation before the throne of grace.

Charles Scott

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