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 Dake Study Bible

I would like some help concerning the Dake Study Bible. Some friends tell me that it is a fine study Bible and is well worth owning.
Others have warned me not to purchase it because it is full of false teaching in the study notes.
Could someone please give me their insights into this Bible?

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 Re: Dake Study Bible

Hey Moonfruit-

Dakes Study Bible has some wonderful positives and a few negatives to be weighed out before investing in one- imho.

The notes are excellent for the most part. Many on the board here will dislike some of them because they have a full gospel/pentecostal perspective. However, they would also largely like the rest of the study notes and agree with many of them. Maybe that is the question...are we looking for tools and aids that merely agree with our opinions, which we believe to be Biblical, or are we looking for something to challenge us . Do we really want to see if what we cling to the dearest will actually hold water if put to the test. Perhaps the best feature of Dake's is the "Lists" which pull together a vast array of scripture onto topics that many may have never considered. The "lists" are the greatest strength and study aid of the Dake Study Bible. Many people purchase one for the value of those alone.

On the negative considerations.... it is only available in the KJV. Not necessarily the most accurate or understandable version at this point in history. It does make it somewhat prohibitive for the average person who does not know or speak variations of ancient Elizabethan English. I know some here are KJV don't hijack the thread to that discussion..I am just saying it is a consideration you need to think through before investing in a Dake's Study Bible. If you do lots of word studies, comparisons with original languages on your own, and perhaps know at least enough Greek to use high end study tools then it may be just your cup of tea in the KJV.

-A FINAL NOTE- Dake was a guy who studied the scriptures for hours a day and believed them whole heartedly. Of course a person might not always agree with Dake's conclusions. Concerning Dake's Biblical knowledge-- I had a professor that was a personal friend of Dake's before his death. He told us that, "I don't always agree with every outcome or belief Dake arrives at... is useless to debate it with him. He has at least 20 scriptures to back any position he has for every one scripture you will ever find to back yours!".

That pretty much sums it up. It is a good study tool that has almost insurmountable mountains of scripture to support his positions... you may or may not ultimately agree with them... but at the very least it will give you much to consider, pray on, and thereby grow from. If that is your goal then it is a good investment in my view.



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 Re: Dake Study Bible

Dake has so many notes, the print in a normal Bible of his is small to get everything in it. I recently bought a NKJV Large Print Dake and that Bible weighs 6 pounds (I'm not exaggerating)!

Dake was Spirit-filled believer but what I had to look over that I considered false teaching was his pre-tribulational notes on the subject but I still bought it!

His notes are wonderful and even though I don't believe in pre-trib, that 6 pound Bible sits on my shelf because I know the other 95% of the notes are excellent.

And I have always believed reading the opposite opinion is always good for me (example: the pre-trib areas). The Spirit-Filled areas may be good for you too!

It's up to you. It's an excellent Bible all the way around.

God bless you!


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If you are up for buying 2 Study Bibles, I recommend buying John MacArthur's study Bible as a companion to the Dake. You will get to immediately see the counterarguments that MacArthur gives. I also have lots of commentary from the 17th century onward, just so I can get some historical perspective.

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