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Why would they teach us otherwise? can someone explain this to me please!

So you accept that Paul thought us otherwise though he himself kept the law? How can Paul who was filled with Holy Spirit miss to teach us something that God finds more important? Now that you understood that Paul did not teach us to keep these laws of OT in NT like Sabbath, I can explain you why Paul did not mention them.

NT is all internal purification. OT is about external purification. Also the blessings of OT are all external like I will make you into a great nation etc. But in NT the blessings are all internal. Can you show any prosperity blessings in NT? It is all spiritual blessings.
The laws of OT are not ignored in NT but are kept by obedience to Holy Spirit.
What is the spirit of Sabbath that you are boasting about? ‘To do the will of God’. In OT a man cannot do the will of God all days because he was not given Holy Spirit. But in NT, God has strengthened me to do his will all days by giving Holy Spirit. So why should I reduce my every day Sabbath to your one day Sabbath? Why should I degrade my standard?
If you truly had Holy Spirit in you, you will understand the spirit behind every law of God in OT and you will know that Holy Spirit is helping you to keep the spirit of them. Since you do not have the holy spirit, all I talk to you about Holy Spirit will appear like an alien Language. It is like explaining beauty to a blind man.
My sincere advice for you is not to reduce the standard of NT life by forcing your OT laws into it. New Testament standard is much higher and that is why in NT God did not protect his martyrs when they were stoned or burnt(example Stephen, Paul, Peter….). But in OT, Daniel's friends were saved immediately, because they did not have grace to die for God that NT saints have.


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I will lock this thread

My conviction to do so is the original post may be of genuine heart and links and answers has been given, and the topic has been discussed at great length before and using the search function may yield some fruit for anyone who has the interest or feelt lead to dive into this subject.

The website of sermonindex does not agree with many of the views held by the seventh day adventist church or their interpretation of many biblical passages that the seveth day adventist church hold.

we encourage all to go to the scriptures and ask God to reveal his divine truth to them from His word


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