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GOD has said; "Once more I will
shake the heavens and the earth"
You can feel and see this shaking
in the economy, in housing, in
the marketplace, and in government
as well.
The world is corrupt, is deceived;
full of iniquity and unrighteousness.
This world is not your friend!!
This world is not your home!!
We are not of this world; we live
for Another's cause and for HIS
Satan is angry, because he knows his
time is short. We must be soldiers
of the cross, put on the full armor
of GOD, and fight the good faith of
faith. Remember that the battle is
the LORD'S; and it is not by power,
nor by might, but by HIS Spirit.
the LORD will defend, keep, and
protect HIS own. The reason the
Son of GOD was revealed was to
destroy the workings of the devil.
There is a reckoning coming very
soon. Unless we have reckoned
ourselves crucified with Christ,
unless we have reckoned ourselves
dead to sin and to the ways of the


Watch and pray therefore. Be
vigilant and make your hearts,
minds, and lives ready for the
return of Christ our King and
our Savior!!

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So true and on the mark.

It has been a most troubling week. It seems more and more that evil is being categorized as good and the work's of Satan are being revealed but not destroyed. The zenith was hearing of a family member who had hands laid on her and now claims to be healed. Nothing wrong with praying over another and loving them, but will God use the hands of a lesbian who prays while she champions the cause of Homosexuality in the church helping others out of the closet? Will miracles be done that will bring glory to God by those hands? May the candles of the saints grow brighter and brighter, for the world is most assuredly growing darker and darker. May the Lord bless the saints by revealing their ignorance to them. I would pray that He tarry so that He will not have to witness the great rebellion of our day, but then I am reminded that no offense has escaped his eye.

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