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Auckland, New Zealand

 Who am I?

The only intro that is worth mentioning is the one that starts 7 months ago when in Church on a Sunday morning God challenged me to Expect great things from God and Attempt great things for God. This was a shaft of light into my depression. From there God has begun a new work in me. I have found that He brings His word to life for me each morning, and prayer has not been far from my lips. Don't think this is perfect there have also been times when the depression has returned to distract me. But God has continued to call out to me. As I stumble along I continue to strive for the fulness of the gospel to take a hold of me as in the days of old.

michael penman

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 Re: Who am I?

Hi Michaeljpen,
I can say that I know how you feel.I can also say that God has delivered me from depression and I have to acknowledge and give thanks that he has done that for me.I now can have despair and feel really low but I dont get depressed.
I just realized one day that after years of being a christian that I did not have depression any more.I dont know how long it was before I realized that I was free from depression it could have been weeks or months,I dont know.I pray now in the name of Jesus and by his sinless blood that you will have a complete end to depression and that God will shine completely into any darkness that has continued to linger,amen and may the lord carry out his promises to you,
yours Staff

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