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 VOM ~ Saudi Arabia

A man and his wife arrived in the oil-rich nation of Saudi Arabia from another country.

They lived and worked in this Muslim nation that they called their new home. Eventually, they met and worshiped with other foreign workers who shared their faith—Christianity. However, practicing Christianity in the spiritual capitol of Mohammed is not only unpopular; it is also illegal. Even so, the couple accepted the risks of imprisonment, deportation, and possible death in order to faithfully continue their worship.
They lived for many years in peace. However, one day members of the Saudi police raided their home. They were taken to the police station for questioning concerning their religious orientation. Their computer, which by this time contained contact information on many other local Christians, was confiscated. They feared others would soon suffer their same fate.
The husband remained in prison, but his wife was cleared of the charges and released. She made several appeals to outside governments to help clear her husband’s name and release him from prison. She relied on those who stood for freedom. Yet other countries were unwilling to intervene in her situation. Her spouse was left wondering if he would ever see her again. Their case is one of many secret persecutions against Christians in the Muslim nation of Saudi Arabia. Yet the truth will one day be known.

Saudi Arabia is a country that reportedly has one of the highest rates of execution in the world. In 1999, Saudi Arabia spent more than $1,000,000 on public relations firms to ensure secrecy about their human rights abuses. Yet they cannot keep their secret forever. We must pray that the voices of Christians in Saudi prisons will be heard and answered in our lifetime. We know that when Christ returns, no public relations firms will be able to protect them from his judgment. But what about today? Prayer is the first step toward making a difference. It’s no secret—the opposition is powerful. However, God is more powerful. What are you doing to summon his power on behalf of those in prison?

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