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 Save America Campaign

10-8-11 - Save America Campaign!Oct 8, 2011

Dear Friends,

This is one of the most powerful and critical messages of our time. The Save America Campaign is designed to help you understand what the Illuminati is planning for the future of America and what we as intercessors can do about those plans. Some of the facts you are about to hear can be difficult to embrace, but I encourage you to ask the Lord to help you, as understanding the truths contained within are critical to becoming an effective prayer warrior in the battles that lay ahead. Together, we can wrest America from the hands of the Illuminati and Save America!

You will need the following for The Save America Campaign:

Two audio files- part one and part two of the October 8, 2011 teachings which can be found on our Medialog page.

- Nita refers to a video during the teaching, you can view it with the following link:

* JFK Speech - you will hear this during the audio file. However, if you wish to view the brief clip, please click on the following link:

-PDF is entitled “PDF to accompany Save America Campaign”. This file contains the slides that were presented during the message.

Please prayerfully consider all that you have received.

Blessings in Him,


 2011/10/19 1:49

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 Re: Save America Campaign

Save America? From what? The illuminati? This group, by whatever name, is just a world system controlled by the evil powers of the air. Instead of "Save America Campaign", how about make disciples of all nations? Instead of God and country, how about just God? Speaking for myself, I have tried to serve two masters and have found it impossible to do so. Inevitably, I end up hating the one and loving the other. So, are we citizens of the Kingdom of God or are we citizens of the kingdom on men?
What a subtle and evil thing nationalism and patriotism are.
Come out and be separate!



 2011/10/23 11:52Profile


The idea of saving America is good. But let's be more in line with the New Testament. How about seeing the sinners in America saved through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ?


 2011/10/23 12:18

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Lakeland FL


This post is nearly as dangerous as those getting into politics and making all kinds of empty promises under the Name of Jesus. The world has had enough of it and the church should have enough of it already.



 2011/10/23 18:02Profile

 Re: Save America Campaign

all efforts in the flesh, which this is, are futile.

its too late, the die is cast, Judgement is coming.

get out of the cities now. Buy and keep safe sturdy Bibles.

those who use the word "illuminati" are sons of the darkness, full of fear and dark intentions, hearts filled with the blood lust for the sons of light, that is the sons and daughters of Abraham, followers of Messiah, Children of Yahweh, who hear the Voice of God the Holy Spirit.

Avoid any involvement in the noise and clamor of this nations confused obessions in the world of 'polis', politics. i know you won't heed my words, i know this.

Go as your steps tell you to go, but it is too late, because NOTHING stands in the Way of Angry God.

we should all annoint ourselves for burial, for in that is Life eternal. Praise the Name of God!

 2011/10/23 22:55

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