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 Question about the Lineage from Adam

I'm confused about the genealogy presented in Genesis over the descendents of Adam. In Genesis 4 the lineage is Adam>Cain>Enoch>Irad>Mehujael>Methushael>Lamech and so on. In Genesis 5 the lineage is Adam>Seth>Enosh>Kenan>Mehalalel>Jared>Enoch>Methuselah>Lamech>Noah and so on.

They can't both be right can they? My Bible as Literature says the discrepancy is a result of revisions from a Yahwistic source and a Priestly source. Whereas the stories used to be orally transmitted, when they were committed to paper each was considered holy so the contradicting passage was not removed.

Now, since becoming a Christian I've always believed the Bible was inerrant and breathed out by God (and I still do!). But I don't understand how these passages can possibly be reconciled outside of my professor's understanding.



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 Re: Question about the Lineage from Adam

Nate: No problem at all really. Look at the first person in each lineage you mention. Cain and Seth were brothers. The first in Gen. 4 are the descendents of Cain, and in Gen. 5 we find the descendents of Seth. These people were cousins who were further and further removed in each generation. They often had the same names but isn't that common in every family?


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Correct wayne,

One, the line of offspring from Adam through Cain, the other through Seth from Adam from God.

The line from Seth goes all the way to Mary and Joseph=Christ. Thus we see Gods perfect Plan.

In Christ: Phillip


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