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 Re: martyr

Dear Brother,

I don't see anyone threatening you. Please, by all means;

speak in your tongues,
read your NIV,
and stand with the persecuted Church.

As surely as night follows day, so shall the God of all Creation be your Final Judge on the "last day." In that day, He will judge you, your heart, and all your works by Holy Fire.

Neither the praise, nor the scorn of man need be regarded in the meantime. Only let your heart be steadfast; to obey with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength the words of the Lord and His apostles, and in the end your praise will be, not of men, but of GOD Himself.

Be well dear Brother,

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Joined: 2007/6/29
Posts: 342

 DELETED dupe posting

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 Re: Speaking in tongues

Having grown up in a deeply religious family, I have witnessed people during church service speaking "true" tongues as I like to say and not that gibberish you see on TV or hear from a want-to-be-filled-with-the-Holy-Spirit wanna be's. Each time it happened, the atmosphere in church completely changed to a hushed feeling of complete peace. It was never the same person doing the speaking or translating the Angel's words. Just saying the person was saying words as we understand speech is incorrect, the sound never stopped or even paused, it began and ended. It was a sound that was mesmerizing and soothing and the best analogy is water running in a stream. After the Angel finished the message, another Angel would use another person to translate and the translation always started with the Angel identifying themselves and delivering the message. We moved away and never found another church filled with the Holy Spirti. I was about 17 years old the last time I heard an Angel and I'm now 52 years old, but I do know that Angel's do speak through the holy spirit. I promise you, if you ever hear an Angel, THERE WILL BE NO DOUBT AT ALL.

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