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This from

Why is Biblical Theology Important?

Biblical theology is an important discipline for several reasons; first, it helps us to determine what themes and truths of scriptures are really important, and why. As we seek to understand how the scriptures naturally unfold, and how its themes are developed and grow ever more mature, we start to realize what's truly being emphasized. If we relied on systematic theology alone, we might come to know many truths about angels and men and sin and redemption, but which of those truths are the most important? Which are the most emphasized and developed in the history of special revelation? Is it as important to know about cherubim and seraphim as it is to know about justification and redemption?

Second, biblical theology gives us the “big picture,” and shows us how all the truths of the bible cohere and relate to each other, and make sense as a whole. The bible was not given to us as a handbook of various truths and doctrines, but fundamentally as an epic story, in which all truths exist to portray the glory of one great Hero, promised, foreshadowed, and prepared for in the Old Testament, and finally coming to accomplish his magnificent and many-faceted work in the New Testament. Systematic Theology alone does not give this epic, Christ-centered sense of the bible as one great unified whole, testifying to the mighty work of God's redemption through his eternal Son, the triumphant Christ.

Third, biblical theology can be helpful in demanding the application of a rigorous historical-grammatical hermeneutic in exegesis. Biblical theology, by its very nature, must take into account the history and context of special revelation, and answer the questions of why a particular book was written at a particular time, what problems it addressed, how it further prepared the world and the people of God for the coming of Christ, and so on; and for this reason, it can be a healthy corrective to any tendency toward careless “proof-texting”.

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 2011/10/18 11:07


Now comes the cutting and pasting.

 2011/10/18 11:32


lol... you know how much I hate cutting and pasting... at least this was short. I dont have time this morning to try to elaborate that, much easier to paste.



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 2011/10/18 12:03


Have to continue this some other time Krispy. You know daily chores call.


 2011/10/18 12:05


I think what brother Blaine may be referring to, and correct me if I am wrong brother, is, to use some theologicaly sounding words, Bibliocetric or Christocentric. When there is an improper balance, then death can follow. I would argue that if you are Christocentric, then you would also be bibliocentric, but, you can be bibliocentric without having your eyes on Jesus which would pruduce phariseeism and dead religion.

John 5:39-40 ..You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life, and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.

Jesus is clearly stating that there is no life in the Scriptures. It does not matter whether it is in the Old or the New Testament, there is no life in the Scriptures. If there was life in the words themselves and the knowledge of these words then the Pharisees would be men full of life. Yet what did Jesus say about these men? They were full of dead men’s bones, whitewashed tombs. They knew the word but they did not know God.

Words are vehicles for communicating. The word itself is a symbol of what is real. You may read about the truth or even hear about the truth and they may be precursors to life, but they are not life itself. Life comes to those who willingly come to Jesus and meet Him personally. And so the word without Jesus is empty and meaningless to the readers. It is in the person of Jesus that we are saved, and then He illuminates the word. The word of God must never be worshipped, how silly to worship the description rather that what is described. All of the word of God is useful to point us towards God, but it is only in His presence that anything is achieved. A man could read the sermon on the mount and rightly conclude that this was a masterpiece of teaching. Yet, outside of Gods presence, outside of His Spirit, all those who try and live by these commands will fail miserably or have some success and become self-righteous. The Bible is a treasure from God, but it is Jesus Himself, of whom the whole Bible testifies, who is the Word. Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever. Heaven and earth will pass away but the Word, Jesus, is eternal.

I was saved knowing virtually nothing of Scripture. Men were saved in the first three hundred years of the church by the declaration of Truth, Jesus being the truth, by the Holy Spirit of the living God. After I was saved I devoured the Scriptures and as I read it I saw my own story in it. All the promises, the new heart, the love, the joy, my Jesus, it testified to in all of the word. The Spirit had laid it all on my heart and every page was a confirmation and it was exciting. I had no intellectual battles. My spirit witnessed with the word of God. I read many parts that I did not understand but there was no resisting in my spirit, just a sense that somewhere down the line, if it pleased my Lord, I would understand.

So to have life we must come to Jesus. The word “come ,” does not mean one time just as the word “abide,” is a continuous action verb better stated “keep abiding.” So we ought to keep coming to Jesus. Not keep getting saved, but keep seeking Him out. He is a treasure to be sought after, just “as the deer panteth for the water brooks,” then so my soul continually panteths after Him. He is my light and I detest the darkness. He is perfect light and I live in shades of gray at best. How could it be otherwise for in my flesh there is no good thing. Until it is raised in incorruption I can only know Him in measure. That is an agony and a despair that can be hard to live with. The only thing that makes it bearable is the measure I receive from Him daily, His blessings are new every morning and His steadfast love never ceases and His grace is sufficient to keep me wanting more. And every so often I am enraptured and filled to capacity, a continual baptism of the Holy Spirit if you like. And I am strengthened and encouraged and changed in the fire of His manifest presence and I move to a different level. Gratefulness and thankfulness keeps me in this place. I have found eternal life in the person and the manifest presence of Jesus and the Scriptures testify to that and there is unity…………………… Frank

 2011/10/18 12:21


Frank... I agree with that. Absolutely.


 2011/10/18 12:34

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 Re: Speaking in tongues


Lisa wrote:
God gave the gift of the Holy Spirit (Holy Ghost) to the church before they could make a theology of it; and today man gets so caught up in the theology of it all that they won't accept the gifts that God has given them.

Krispy wrote:
I believe it was the Apostle Paul who delivered the theology of it... just sayin'...

Did Paul’s words come before the baptism of the Holy Spirit? No. I was just stating that God gave the baptism BEFORE anything was said about it.

Yes, Paul stated what the Lord showed him but in what… 4 to 6 chapters?? How many books have on written on those chapters to form theology? THAT’S what I’m talking about brother.

You make it sound like anyone who loves and studies theology is incapable of exercising spiritual gifts or is against them, and that simply is not the case. Thats a mischaracterization.

No, I didn’t make it sound like anything you just stated… pure and simple, I made a statement and you interpreted it according to your love of theology. And you end up mischaracterizing what I said!!! How ironic!

But I love you brother in Christ.
God bless,

PS: Got to get ready for work, so I will not be ignoring anyone! God bless us all!!


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Can we please not deviate from the subject of the speaking in tongues? :)

Vlad Stepanov

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Be blessed at work Lysa!


 2011/10/18 14:00

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