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 Gwen Wilkerson Leaning on the Lord Through Recovery

"Gwen Wilkerson is said to be walking on her own and recovering well at an assisted living facility, nearly six months after the April 27 car crash that killed her husband Rev. David Wilkerson.

Speaking recently at the EXPECT Church Leadership Conference in Colorado, Gwen's son Gary said there are many times he and the church family can't get a hold of his mother because she's often "in another room praying for someone."

"There's just a hard season she passed through," he said. "The Song of Solomon really describes her life. 'Who is this coming up out of the desert leaning on Her beloved?' ...She leans on Jesus."

Mrs. Wilkerson was the only survivor of the head-on collision in Texas with a tractor trailer.

"[My father's] side of the car was completely demolished," Gary told the audience. "It was almost like the truck that hit the car just split it in half. The Lord just said, 'Ok you come home, you stay.'"

He added that among Gwen's injuries was a broken pelvic bone, forcing her to use a wheelchair for some time. She then graduated to a walker, then a cane, and is now is walking without assistance.

Gary recalled the time during his childhood when his mother was battling cancer. He described how his father called the family in and told them their mother was dying.

"The doctors said she only has a few months to live. That was like 40 years ago," Gary said. "She's outliving us all. It's incredible."

The Wilkerson family has kept a page on the World Challenge website in memory of Rev. Wilkerson and for updates on Gwen's progress.


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 Re: Gwen Wilkerson Leaning on the Lord Through Recovery

Wonderful testimony. Let's keep this dear sister up in our prayers.

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 Re: Gwen Wilkerson Leaning on the Lord Through Recovery

My wife and I are continuing in prayer for this godly woman.


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 Re: Gwen Wilkerson Leaning on the Lord Through Recovery

"Godly woman" is correct!

May the rest of her days be blessed, beyond her own imagination ~ Rich in the gifts of Jesus Christ our LORD. Amen.

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