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Discussion Forum : Scriptures and Doctrine : Given Her for a Covering by Mike Atnip

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 Re: What did jesus teach?

Ok. Since it is not cool to invoke the name of certain preachers who fo not use the head covering. Let ne ask. Where did Jesus ever teach that women had to wear a covering when praying? I would like to see an answer to that question, please.


 2011/10/25 20:52

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 Re: staff

Dear Sister,

You quoted Acts 15:22-31 to apparently imply that Christians need not obey the Headcovering. However, it should be noted what the apostles were specifically addressing in their letter to gentile believers. The following verses establish the reason for the letter, and therefore its actual context:

"And certain men which came down from Judaea taught the brethren, and said, Except ye be circumcised after the manner of Moses, ye cannot be saved." Acts 15:1

"But there rose up certain of the sect of the Pharisees which believed, saying, That it was needful to circumcise them, and to command them to keep the law of Moses." Acts 15:5

The Acts 15 Jerusalem council letter dealt specifically with Gentile believers and their relationship to the requirements of the OLD Covenant. With regard to them, therefore, you will do well to refrain from those four things mentioned therein.

This letter has no bearing however on the believer's relationship, (both Jew or Gentile), to the requirements of the New Covenant. We find out what those are in the rest of the writings of apostles.

You continue:
"The problem we have in this debate as I see it is both sides genuinely believe their understanding which can lead to two types of church
Type one-A church that broadly dosent believe in a cloth covering but if others want to use a covering when they pray it is ok to do so even if it seen as a little odd.
Type Two- A Church that broadly believes that women should wear a cloth when praying.The problem with the second type is that they wont allow non covered women to pray and will enforce the head covering rule and thus excluding many people women and men from the church."

This need not be a problem. Churches are free to establish what they want to regarding doctrine and practice, and people are free to attend or not. Such freedom is not a problem.

You conclude:
"This message on the whole to me wasn't an encouraging message but we do well if we refrain the things mentioned above"

Please, by all means, seek with a true heart whatever will encourage you in the Lord. The days are coming when we all will need all the encouragement we can get.

I have not taken time to answer the questions of some, or to correct the arguments of others, because I was trying to force anyone to believe anything. Rather, I have been writing for the seeking soul; for the one who really is questioning things and is actually open to hear the answers, (if there were any), for all the myriad reasons that the modern western Church gives for departing from the Headcovering practice.

Our brothers and sisters from centuries past, the vast majority of the Church for the past two thousand years who have followed the apostle's Headcovering tradition, are gone. They cannot answer for themselves.

Be well,

 2011/10/25 21:58Profile

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 Re: martyr

Dear Brother Blaine,

You asked:
"Where did Jesus ever teach that women had to wear a covering when praying? I would like to see an answer to that question, please."

I take you to mean, "Where did Jesus Himself ever teach with His own mouth that women had to wear a covering when praying?"

If that is your meaning, then I would say:

Nowhere, to my knowledge.

If that settles it for you, than that must be fine with me.

Be well Brother,

 2011/10/25 22:05Profile

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its not about what jesus did and didnt teach, tho we no what jesus taught is mosly binding upon us all

i say mostly becasue ,he did teach to offer sacrafice accoring to the law ,and we no we are not to do that

but the doctrine of the apostals ,which in the the book of the acts the believes continued

jesus did say i have much more to say to you but you cannot bare it ,but when the holy spirit come he will teach you ,,this became part of the apostals doctrine ,,which is a misnomer ,,becasue it is the doctrine of christ spoken through the holy spirit ,given by uneqek revalation to his choosen ones

most of the letters of the new testament are writtern in blood red letters and are binding

 2011/10/25 22:17Profile

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Hampshire, UK


In regard to whether Jesus addressed this issue here is a very interesting account in John 12v3.

"Then took Mary a pound of ointment of spikenard, very costly, and anointed the feet of Jesus, and wiped his feet with her hair: and the house was filled with the odour of the ointment".

So Mary, who by this time was well known to Jesus and we know He often stayed at the house of Lazarus, Mary and Martha, wiped His feet with her hair.

1/ She was obviously not wearing a head covering.
2/ Jesus did not stop her from doing it, in fact commended her (see v.7)
3/ She was not alone with Jesus, but all the disciples were there. i.e she was in public.
4/ There is nothing in this account that indicates that this was an issue at all with either Jesus or His disciples.

Worth thinking about?


 2011/10/26 4:10Profile

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Hi Doug,
My point was the apostles did not over burden the gentiles but sent them instructions that they could bare and a message that would encourage and uplift them.
This message does not do that in my opinion.
What should happen in this case is that their should be a similar report,not putting on people more than they can bare.
Besides this I ask these quesstions:
1-Why is the head covering issue related to prayer and prophesy?
2-What are the consequences of not wearing a headcovering?
Yours Staff

 2011/10/26 7:13Profile

 Re: Doug aka Dietolive

Precisely my point brother. As far as I know the binding commands Jesus taught was love of God and love of neighbor.


 2011/10/26 9:55

 Re: Heydave

Brother excellent observations out of John 12. Also I might add the verses in Luke 7:36-50. They speak of the woman who had lived a sinful life. She brought perfume and like Mary poured perfume on his feet and wiped them with her hair. Presupposing her head was uncovered. Jesus commended her for her faith.

All of this saying.g it is the heart of faith that Jesus looks at.


 2011/10/26 10:10


Ok. Since it is not cool to invoke the name of certain preachers who fo not use the head covering. Let ne ask. Where did Jesus ever teach that women had to wear a covering when praying? I would like to see an answer to that question, please.

Jesus never taught on the doctrine of tongues either... but Paul did.

Basic rule of thumb is: If it's in scripture then it IS scripture.


 2011/10/26 10:31

 Re: KK

So bro. You say you believe the gift of tongues is valid today?


 2011/10/26 10:59

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