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 Pray for me

Hello please pray for me. I am addicted to online gaming, stimulants such as ephedrine and caffeine, and my life is pretty much going no where.

My girlfriend left me for someone else, she believes in Christ. I kind of neglected alot of people in my life because I felt pretty content just with her company all the time. But now shes gone, and for many reasons and im feeling pretty lonely. Yeah I wanted to marry her but I cant even get a job, cause I was so drawn to the online game, and even failed some classes at school. My life's been a downward spiral for the past 5 or so years. I need help.

I know some people personally who visit this forum and I refrained from asking for prayer because I was ashamed to reveal all of this, and risk being found out by people I know. I have a hard time communicating with people about my issues (I always tear up), even posting on this forum is difficult. At least can someone pray for me?

I want to get rid of my addictions, and if possible win my girlfriend back, she found someone else, and she is pretty eager to get married, she is tired of waiting for me to get my life in order.


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 Re: Pray for me

Honesty is so important my friend. God will honor this and this is bringing things to the light. Satan loves to keep things secret and in the dark.

May the living Christ be very real to you in these days and may you find the grace to overcome these addictions. I recommend you listen to videos from and contact the brother there for counsel and prayer.

God will make way. What is impossible with men is possible with God.

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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I agree with Brother Greg - the power of sin is in its secrecy. May God provide you with someone to help keep you accountable. Praying....

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When you feel overwhelmed;
remember GOD is so much greater
than any addiction, any habit,
any problem you may have!!
Believe in the truth, receive
the truth and the truth shall
set you free!!

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My heart really goes out to you, I can hear your hurt in your words. Is there any way you could get apart from the computer, and other things in your life, and take this weekend just in a quiet place with Him? I would read the Psalms, David had a dark time, and many struggles, yet God lifted him to His shoulder like a lamb. Sometimes things come to a crisis in our lives when God is bring us to a new beginning, a time of deliverance. Also, if you are the computer a lot, you are not probably sleeping well, or getting enough sunshine. Depression can take a progressive spiral. It is hard to move when you are down, but moving would really help. I pray that He shines the sunshine of His holiness on you this weekend!
He dwells in the high and lofty place, but also with those who are contrite in heart...

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 Re: Pray for me

I will pray for you Robin. When the tears start rising up, just let them flow - bring your issues to the foot of the Cross and let the blood of Jesus cleanse you. By His blood you have already been set free. He who the Son has made free is free indeed.

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 Re: Pray for me

I want thank everyone who took the time to read and also to respond. I'm not even known by any of you in person but your replies and prayers are helping me.

I'll heed the advice given, thank you again.


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 Re: Pray for me

I read your post and I will be praying. Christ died to save us from every sin imaginable, and He will work in you if you let Him do what needs to be done on the inside. Christ's blood reaches even to you!

YOU are that special to Him. You are not junk. If you will give yourself to him, He will take you a make you all over again. He will bring Beauty out of the seeming ashes of life... I know from experience. Many here do.

Get into the Word of God, and break the daily chain of habit.

I will be praying for you.

Be well Wordizlife!

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