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 Prayer for my home

I like many am in a season of testing, where my trust and faith are being put to the fire.David said many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them out of them all. So for those saints who can agree and petition The Father with me you are greatly appreciated.

I have a couple of prayer requests.

1. For my wife's health, we're seeking God's healing, or successful treatment for an issue.

2. Financial provision: God would provide for every financial need according to his riches and glory

3. Joy, Hope and Strength for my family as we try to keep focus on God's will and serving Him

4. Wisdom and Favor

5. God would be glorified and Christ Exalted through us.

Thank you again for your prayers.

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 Re: Prayer for my home

Praying, Brother.

 2011/10/13 22:07

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Amen Brother! Praying with you. God is faithful.

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 Re: Prayer for my home

Dear heraldndaw,

I read what you said. I will pray too.

If Jesus could stop the wind and the waves, he can stop the troubles assailing your family.

I'm praying,

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God bless! I would recommend watching the 'Food Matters' and 'Fat Sick And Nearly Dead' documentaries. Especially the second one. It teaches you how important food is to good health, and how 'Corporate America' sells on on processed foods which aren't good for us. I even use a phrase from the movie as a ringtone.

Seriously, watch the documentaries!! God bless.

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