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This is why I rarely ever post on forums. People don't answer direct questions, everyone misunderstands everyone, everyone has their pitchfork out to "prove their point", etc. It was a great movie, the real support in buying tickets is for the makers of the movie, and the preview referred to grieved the Holy Spirit. That pretty much sums this whole thread up succintly.
God Bless you all brethren/sistren,
Jeff Marshall

 2011/10/13 13:51


No one questioned whether the movie was great. Even tho I questioned giving our money the theaters I also mentioned that I dont know what the answer is because we also want to support those who make good Christian movies. However, it IS a shame that in doing so we are subjected to wikced movie previews.

Thank you for not judging us. :-\


 2011/10/13 15:47

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hi, kk how does holiness come into play at a movie.. is holiness something you do? is it how you dress?the only holiness is when God is on the scene and that is when you can have holy ground,holy smoke that fills the temple ,a holy bible. the only thing that you can do to make yourself holy is to die to self and have Gods eternal life within you.jimp

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Yah my whole point was that the previews prior to the actual movie was really grieving to watch and promote rebellion of the traditional biblical values as good, but Courageous is one of a few that actually is not afraid to speak of Jesus and give the gospel and speak authoritative on the Bible for us to live by. Almost no Christian movies do that today at all. I have just started noticing it over the last couple of years with myself buying and watching christian movies that they are more moral movies without the true God presented. Good morals without the Biblical God equals bad morals because it is led in the flesh and not in God's Spirit. I am not saying that I have anyone to bragg of my perfection, but i see this a lot with the family christian store too which is toned down christian messages. If anyone hasn't seen pilgrims progress the new one or Time Changer I highly recommend them, they are very good.

John Beechy

 2011/10/13 17:52Profile

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loved Fireproof and Facing the Giants, I think Time Changer is THE BEST so far, the new Pilgrim's progress is great as well. Now, we just need to stop watching, we have to act our Christianity (THE ONE described in the bible)out :)



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My favourite movie is 'Fly wheel'. This movies conveys a very simple message. The story of this is funny and simple. I thinks they would really to remake of this. This remake of this movie really a good source of income.

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