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Amen and amen!

Thank you all for these encouraging words. If we have not Divine Love at work through us, the aroma of life to a dead world, what are we truly to those who are still far from God?

May we each know His love more fully, that we might share it more freely.

Jamie Adam

 2011/10/15 1:53Profile

 Re: "Putting on Love" the beginning of a discussion

Praise God for this practical walk through and thank you makrothumia for spelling it out! This type of teaching is needed in the church today.

I'm looking forward to participating in this discussion and seeing it grow.

"Putting on love is an act of faith..."

True indeed. It takes courage to not be ashamed of Jesus. The love of God is most of the time misunderstood and feared, especially amongst believers. I do believe that to be one of the main reasons why we're stunted in our growth and maturity. God has extended and displayed the true definition of love to us and He wants us to have faith and courage to clothe ourselves in Himself in front of the world. They need to see real love in action. Even in the church, we're so used to not seeing love (hypocrisy, backbiting, whispering, flippancy, etc.) and we've been so indoctrinated by the world's systems to where putting on love is so foreign and so uncomfortable. What a work the devil has done! We need to have faith and get back to the basics. Love never fails.

 2011/10/15 21:50

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