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 Remember Rehoboam

Remember Rehoboam

Remember Rehoboam when his chance to reconcile
Rejected older council for that more friendly juvenile
The older men urged gentleness, concession their appeal
His young peers saw the same request a threat in their raw zeal

With little more than the whole realm on verge of full collapse
He chose the voice of youthful zeal and echoed forth their blasts
In carnal courage bolstered by His young comrades at hand
He stood his ground and by a sword drew the line in the sand

What happened next fulfilled the word the prophet had foretold
but Rehoboam failed to see his choice was fool’s gold
His story’s an example for a worthy admonition
Of those who just might find themselves in similar position

Beware the show of force and zeal from younger voices dear
Or you might make the same mistake and cause just what you fear

Alan and Dina Martin

 2011/10/10 14:47Profile

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Pacific Ocean

 Re: Remember Rehoboam

Well stated. I had never quite thought of it that way before, but it is true, zeal without knowledge is dangerous. It is unhealthy for the young to keep the company of fools. Much greater then for us to heed the hoary heads of wisdom, should they be found.

Point well taken. Thank you. I hope this will be seared into my conscience like a ranchers brand.

Jeremiah Dusenberry

 2011/10/10 22:36Profile

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