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 Get to know the person...JESUS

I’m always boggled to find out how MUCH of a PERSON Jesus is, you know? I mean, He has this way of rattling my stiff, religious tendencies and making me see HIM instead of my human interpretation of HIM. And, He never fails to win my heart when I am willing to let Him be Himself, instead of trying to impress Him with my oh-so-devoted and spiritual attempts to understand Him with my own mind.

Some thoughts i had last night as i was just thinking about how it is Jesus’ LOVE for me that has changed me, drawn me, affected me over my life. It’s not His grace, or His justice, or His mercy, or His authority, or His simplicity… I mean, it IS those things : ) but they all seem to be outworking OF His LOVE! And as i look back, several years or just yesterday, it’s His LOVE that stands out to me. It’s His LOVE that has drawn me…shattered me…broken me…picked me up…inspired me…melted me…grown me…encouraged me…convicted me…amazed me…overwhelmed me…changed me…and given me hope for what Today can hold, if i just turn around and pour some of that overabundant love onto others He’s placed around me…

I stumbled across these quotes from some brothers and sisters and I just thought that the heart expressed was so completely where I am and want to be. JESUS is so amazing, HE is everything to me. The desire of my heart today, and each day that HE gives me is just to know HIM more. I love how HE is always there for me, how no matter what HE cares for me and I know I can trust HIS leading. Even when I completely miss the mark...HIS loving hand is there to correct me and lead me back toward the narrow path!! HE loves me still and wants to know me, and wants me to know HIM... Little, old, pitiful me who has nothing to offer and yet HE wants to do a work in my life! How worthy of all my love and devotion HE is! Everything that has meaning or value in my life is because of the LORD.

God bless

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 Re: Get to know the person...JESUS

"Little, old, pitiful me who has nothing to offer and yet HE wants to do a work in my life!"

Thank you for this post Sister MaryJane. Some of us needed this type of word. We get stuck in the first 9 words of that sentence and needed to hear the last 11 - and the rest of what you've posted as well.
You 'are' a blessing in His Hands and I, just for one of us, appreciate you more than you know.

Pray one for another. Some of us need it more than you might know.

GOD Bless you!

 2011/10/9 23:26

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 Re: Get to know the person...JESUS

Thank you MaryJane for posting this.

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John 14:15“If you love Me, you will keep My commandments."

Luke 10:27 He answered: "'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind'; and, 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'"

These verses speak so much to the desire of my heart this morning. The Lord is showing me truly as my relationship and walk with JESUS grows so does my desire and love for HIM grow. The desire of my heart to obey HIM and submit my life to HIM. Knowing I can do nothing apart from HIM and that keeping HIS commands is by HIS strength and not my own is a wonderful comfort to me. For so long I struggled with being "good enough" but now the LORD is showing me more and more that I really do not have to worry about that stuff. As I grow and submit myself to HIM daily He alone takes care of the rest. All I do becomes a natural out pouring of HIS and my relationship, the more self dies the more HIS life is reflected in mine and things of this world just do not hold a candle to life with our LORD! Knowing JESUS will never lead me contrary to HIS word I can trust that as I grow in my walk with HIM, HE will keep me on the narrow path.

I see all the more what attracted so many of those first believers, it was seeing in daily life as they lived one to another the love and light of JESUS in poured out on the world around them. JESUS as head of the body and each member doing and submitting unto HIM!

God bless and thank you two sisters for your replies. I am glad you were encouraged and I will continue to pray for you both as well.


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It's not about me--

It's all about HIM


washed in His blood

saved by His sacrifice

Trusting in His word

Depending on His love

Living by His promises

Waiting for His return.

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