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 Anti-Christian Extremists Attack Missionary

Anti-Christian Extremists Attack Missionary

Oct. 7, 2011 – Gospel for Asia

GFA-supported missionary Matthew Kishard was attacked by anti-Christian extremists while he was praying for a sick boy.

Gospel for Asia-supported missionary Matthew Kishard was attacked by a mob of about 50 students October 3. Kishard, who serves as pastor of a village church in a tribal area, was in a nearby village distributing Gospel tracts when a family asked him to come to their home and pray for a sick child.

Just as Pastor Kishard and his team began uttering their prayer, a mob of young men and women showed up and began shouting at the missionary.

“Why are you trying to convert people to Christianity?” the group’s leader demanded.

“We are not converting them. Rather, we are praying for their sick boy,” Pastor Kishard explained.

The answer did not pacify the crowd. Suddenly, one young man pulled off his shoe and began beating Pastor Kishard. As this young man knocked the missionary to the ground and continued pummeling him, his fellow extremists lunged after the rest of Pastor Kishard’s team, grabbing their Bibles and tracts. The extremists were on their way to start a fire with the literature when a few elderly people stepped in and stopped them. These elderly people also pulled the young man away from Pastor Kishard, stopping the prolonged assault.

Pastor Kishard has a lot of bruises and cuts from the attack, but he is not seriously injured. He does need prayer for healing.

He is asking everyone to pray for the people who opposed him and beat him up.

“Pray that our loving God will touch them and change their lives—that they might know the truth,” he asks.


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