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In general, it is good and enriching to hear preachers from different ethnical and geographical backgrounds. They have
view angles we do not have and address issues, we do not know much about. They bring freshness and flavours to us.

Some of my favourites are Gbile Akanni from Nigeria, Voddie Baucham, Zac Poonen from India, Watchman Nee, Steven Kaung and a few others. Last time I was in the UK, I was very blessed by a preacher from the Kongo. I believe there are many excellent preachers, we have never heard of because they have little access to the media or acting in public may put their congregations at risk.

God created one human race, but many nations (ethnos) there are still differences in culture, thinking, values, and practises you can learn and appreciate. I have learned a lot from the Chinese Christians, they are a less individualistic and think more in terms of family rather than self. I love to hear African speakers especially when it comes to faith in action. It is very encouraging to hear from preachers, who have first hand persecution or dire poverty exeperience.

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What matters to me is not the color of the vessel. but the accuracy of the Word that is preached and the anointing that is on the Word.


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