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Words have no color, but wait they might soon as we grow more into a politically correct nation. What is it folks don't understand, God created us equal not man, if your black, white, brown, red and you expect equality in this world, Brothers and Sisters you have a long row to hoe, but I can as an optimist appreciate your optimism.


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Hi Krispy,

I think that perhaps you read Will’s post too quickly. I did not see his post as pointing a finger at sermonindex or Greg. I saw it has a simple, general observation.

Where in his post does he suggest that Greg seek out sermons by African Americans? Also, he does refer to North Americans not just Americans.

He also said that it cuts both ways when he wrote that most African-Americans have not heard of the speakers featured on sermonindex. Not as an indictment against Greg at all and if it is a criticism, it’s of African-Americans.

So, I think his post was a response to: It would be great to hear more black preachers. It's just an observation that the cultures don't know each other.

However, I do agree with you, Krispy, that there is a lack of African-Americans preachers (I would add “known” A-A preachers) out-there whose messages we would want included. But this number should be low because the majority of white preachers aren’t and wouldn’t be included. The preachers on here are a minority group of preachers – not just good preachers, not just sound preachers, but sermonindex has a particular niche, so any black preachers would be a minority within a minority.

That said, as Will says, the cultural make-up of the preachers on sermonindex could be indicative of the body of Christ and I think he attempts to answer why.

I say to you Will, who are the African American preachers? Can you really say that because there are few A-A on here that it is an indication of a lack of effort to get to know another culture? I suggest that it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack for a white person looking for an A-A preacher whose message would fit the sermonindex niche. Actually finding many of the preachers on here is like finding a needle in a haystack. Praise God for this site or I wouldn’t have heard of most of these people. Because others have dug these folks up. we are blessed. Maybe you can send some sermons to Greg, if you know any (that aren’t copyright protected).

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John 15_16...

Yea, I can see that, I get it. Reading his post again, and reading mine again I think that he and I are really saying that same thing. I dont think he was accusing anyone of anything... and I really was not trying to defend anything... it's hard to explain and to articulate.

Will, I apologize if thats how you took my post. Not quite how I meant it to come across.


 2011/10/9 5:56

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So, then, if more A-A preachers sermons were posted here on SI would Greg have to put them in a separate category so we all would know their skin color?

Frankly, I do not care what skin color the man has if he preaches sound doctrine....

Sandra Miller

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Wow it is amazing to me the level of whinning and belly aching that goes on , on SI forum. If you have a sermon from a A.A. preacher submit it to Greg. If you think he is a man that would turn down a doctrinally sound sermon based on skin color why are you here. I think he is a man of God governed by the Word of God. There is so much more on our plate...reaching the lost, praying for revival. The window will close and will we do the job or be found chasing vain conversations......


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Your all missing the point, there is a movement out yonder today and it's called "Politically Correct" it is invading everything from our schools to our work place to apparently now our Churches, and if we all continue falling for this rhetoric, the devil will have us all were he wants us. I have personally never witnessed any "Christian" complain about anything within the Church to do with race or color, maybe this is common, and I have just been Blessed to not experience it yet.


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North Central Florida

 African American or God fearing American??

My husband and I would be glad to listen to Mr. Herman Cain preach. He is not a 'hyphenated' Black man, either. His allegiance is to God Almighty, the Father of Jesus Christ.


 2011/10/9 12:44Profile

 Re: African American or God fearing American??

The scriptures tell us that Christ has redeemed a people from every nation, tribe, language, and people. At least that wil be the church in heaven. Sadly that reality is not reflected in the church down here.

I live in a part of the country where racism still has a presence. Even in our churches we address someone from a different.t ethnic group as my black brother or white sister.

Last I checked we were all brothers and sisters in Christ. Praise God he is looking at the heart while we are looking at the outward appearances.

One other thing I have discovered. When you pray for black people in shipping containers or orientals in death camps or hispanics in prisons it is hard to be a racist. When one gives there life for Christ in martyrdom they bleed only one color. Red.


 2011/10/9 13:07

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South Yorkshire, UK


Hi all.

My family and I are part of a local church family which is blessed for having people from many countries in Europe and Africa, including some who have fled persecution. This is in a town where racism is rife.

It's good for us locally, and peoople are happy to hear people from across the world share God's message with us. The 'statistics' of what percentage of messages on SI are from people of whichever ethnicity don't really matter. Personally I'd like to hear some Russian preachers (translated though...), but that's just me. I've been encouraged by many a comment on these forums, and I don't know you, except for our shared family status.

Besides, Blaine has pointed something out - when we pray, the distinctions we mortals make slip out of view and we see each other as we are - children the same family, with the same Father.

Jamie Adam

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I enjoy listening to black preacher sermons, Pastor Keion Henderson is one of the many I really love listening to. He is a good speaker, he can capture the audience's attention and connect with them. He also has a good character one of the first things I look into a pastor. I hope more people find him and listen to him.

 2022/7/29 3:08Profile

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