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 African American preachers

It would be great to hear some MORE black preachers! I am sure that there are some awesome black and Caribbean preachers! There are no white churches, predominantly white churches or black churches (though blacks are forced in some cases to ONLY be around blacks)!

Be blessed in the LORD!

 2011/10/7 10:02

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Nottingham, England

 Re: African American preachers

And your point is...

 2011/10/7 10:53Profile


What difference does skin color make?


 2011/10/7 11:58


I can't say that I rightly understand/care.

 2011/10/7 12:03

 Re: What difference does skin color make?

I'm not sure of the original posters intentions, as the statements aren't very clear. However, if my interpretation of the statements are correct, I would not endorse such a statement, as a preacher's value, to borrow from Martin Luther King, should not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character and the content of their message.

I'd like also to respond to this question that Krispykrittr asked. Skin color has made, and continues to make a big difference in the body of Christ. It should not but it does.

The issue of race in the body of Christ has been an ongoing stumbling block to the work of God, and has been dealt with by many a man of God down through the years. The most recent man of God that comes to mind, to deal with the issue head on is Pastor John Piper. He is soon to release a book called "Bloodlines: Race, Cross, and the Christian" in which he deals with race and racism in the church and how it has affected the body of Christ.

He also has an up coming seminar on Thursday November 3rd with a group of urban pastors in which he will be discussing his new book and the issues of race facing the body of Christ today. It will be a live streamed event.

So again to answer your question. Skin color does make a difference in the body of Christ. It should not for the bible teaches;

There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. Galatians 3:28

Truly we should continue to pray that the Lord send His revival, that He might break the back of this sin and all others that currently are crippling the church.

 2011/10/7 14:21


My point was... if a man is preaching the truth, who cares if he's purple with orange pok-a-dots?


 2011/10/7 15:08

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Krispy wrote:
"My point was... if a man is preaching the truth, who cares if he's purple with orange pok-a-dots?"

LOL. But I might - all I would do is sit there and laugh. Or, I would try so hard to be polite and have a serious struggle with it. :-0

Sandra Miller

 2011/10/7 15:17Profile

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My point was... if a man is preaching the truth, who cares if he's purple with orange pok-a-dots?

Lol, it reminds of what one person said, "I don't care if you're black, purple, blue or green; you shouldn't do ______!(fill in the blank)

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 Re: African American preachers

"It would be great to hear some MORE black preachers!"

As an African-American, I totally agree. From looking at the majority of sermons on this site, I think that there is a disturbing singleness of color in the majority of pastors featured here. While acknowledging that in Christ, there is and should be no difference, and that skin color doesn't matter, there are unique perspectives that come from growing up in another culture. There are African-American men of God who preach and proclaim His word with just as much truth, passion and clarity as the preachers featured hear, but, from looking at what is here, one would think that there are no great African-American men of God. I would put forward that this discrepancy is not because of a lack of African-American men of God preaching the truth, but because of a near-sightedness and natural tendency to not look outside of ones own culture.

How many people here know what COGIC is? How many people here know what BibleWay is? If you don't know, they are both, well known (in black culture)denominations. In fact, two of my great-grandfathers were, at one time, heads of these respective denominations. They were both men of God, devoted to fasting, prayer,holiness, repentance and the preaching of the Word of God,- just like the men featured on this site. They taught the things that are taught by the men of God on this site. They had fruit in their ministries just as the other men of God on this site. So why don't you hear about these African-American men of God? I believe it is because there is a sad lack of effort on the part of believers, to get to know other believers cultures, and learn from them and fellowship with them. Everyone is comfortable where they are. There very few African- Americans who know who any of the men featured on this site are. And I daresay, there are very few people on this site who know who African-American men of God are.

I think that this indicative of a sad, fleshly tendency of believers in North America, to not seek to know and love the whole body of Christ, rather than just the part that you are. Jesus says that by all men will know that we are His disciples if we have love for one another. This does not mean just the person sitting next to you in the pew. This does not mean just the people in your city. This does not mean just the people in your country. It means you have a love for All your brothers and sisters in Christ, no matter who they are or where they may be. Remember, God does not separate us by the lines that we have put on our maps and the cultures that we have been born into. And in this age of technology and transportation, we have very little excuse for not getting to know other parts of the body of Christ. To whom much is given, much is required. Much will be required of us as believers living in North America. We have been blessed with free time. We have been blessed with money that is not necessary for daily survival. We have been blessed with technology that allows us to learn about many other places and people in the world. We have also been blessed to be surrounded by people of different nations and cultures. What are we doing with these blessing? Just as in the parable that Jesus gave of the master who entrusted different amounts of money to his servants, departed then returned to see what they had done with it; will we find that we have buried the blessings that God has given us in the ground, or used them for ourselves, instead of utilizing them with an eternal perspective for God's glory?
"For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others." ~ Romans 12:4-5~

Let us truly function, love, suffer and serve as that one body for His glory!

 2011/10/7 18:41Profile


I agree with you... somewhat. I think that your implication that black preachers are not featured here has something to do with race is out of line.

Frankly men like Voddie Bachman and Tony Evans are few and far between. I dont know every reason for why that might be, but I do know from experience that at least in the area in which I live and have lived (and I am originally from New York) there are not many black evangelicals. In a lot of "black churches" what is being preached instead of the Bible is a "social gospel", and many have turned to "liberation theology" which is nothing but heresy. It's not the Bible.

Now, so as not to be accused of painting with a broad brush, I am well aware of some black preachers and congregations who truly are preaching the Bible, and a true gospel message... but not many.

And I certainly agree with you that we are one body, and we need to act like it. But let me also say that I have been in congregations that were predominately black before (visiting) and was made to feel completely out of place.

The road goes in both directions.

I can tell you with confidence that if someone submitted, or Greg found sermons by men of any color... and the message was Biblical... he would post it here. In fact, it's interesting that you suggest that there are hardly any preachers on here that are not white and that this is because of the American mindset... when the man who operates this website is not even an American. He's Canadian.

Also, if you look down the list of speakers you see sermons by white men, asian, Indian, etc... and yes black men too.

By suggesting that Greg purposely seek out sermons by "African-American" (I guess that would make me "Scotch-Welsh-English-German-NativeAmerican-French-Lithuanian-Italian-American" ??) have you not already removed the focus off of the truth of the message being preached and put it onto the color of the man's skin? Doesnt that detract from God's glory when we do that?

The preaching of the Word is first and foremost about bringing glory to God, and putting the spotlight on Him... not on the color of a man's skin. Sure, submit to Greg sermons by black preachers. I hope he posts them. But who cares what their skin color is?

The vast majority of people on this forum are not black. Why is that? No one is stopping anyone from joining.

We're told that skin color should not matter, and that is a correct statement... it shouldnt. So why does it?

Just asking, brother. I love ya, and I'm glad you're here.


 2011/10/8 12:53

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