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 180 Movie Changes Opinions From Pro-Abortion to Pro-Life

A new 33-minute documentary film titled 180 is changing public opinion on abortion 180 degrees in a matter of minutes, as author and film producer Ray Comfort uses the new film to ask students a question that challenges their abortion views.

Titled to reflect the complete turnaround in the mindsets of all to whom the question is posed, the award-winning film shows eight “pro-choice” people, mostly college students, changing their stance to pro-life just moments after the question is asked in its entirety. It is Comfort’s hope that the documentary, releasing online September 26, will go viral once that happens. If the initial reaction is any indication, it will.

While skeptics of 180 say they can’t believe anyone would change his or her mind so quickly, Comfort accepts and even understands their disbelief, stating that he could hardly believe it himself when he first viewed the footage in the ...

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 Re: 180 Movie Changes Opinions From Pro-Abortion to Pro-Life

I cannot stress enough how this film is a must-see and a must share for every Christian. These are some of the comments from youtube:

• The best 33 minutes of video ever made.
• Wow!!!! It was powerful!!
• What a profound movie.
• FANTASTIC!!! I've just emailed the link to everyone I know!
• Very very powerful!
• Wow!!!!........speechless....just wow man! A MUST SEE for sure!
• Amazing!!
• Awesome awesome movie! I hope it changes the world!!
• Well done! That was better than I thought it would be.
• Brilliant argument. Brilliant video.
• I'm a DUDE and I CRIED. Thumbs up Ray.
• Definitely life changing.
• One word...WOW and I'm 14.
• All I can say is wow!
• This video is awesome.
• Wow, this is amazing and inspiring!
• Wow, powerful video.

You can now watch it freely on


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Praise the Lord!

Unfortunately, I fear that this thread is going to be swept under the carpet very rapidly. Sadly, it seems that there is more interest for threads that have to do with gossip and unprofitable controversies, rather than acting justly and loving mercy.

In Christ,

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I was blessed while watching this short film Renoncer.
And by this Word.

"He has told you, O man, what is good; and what does the LORD require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God?" - Micah 6:8

Peace in Christ,



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This film is definitely a must-see. I've got it posted on my buzz. Congrats, Ray for making such a great film. May it do much damage to the kingdom of darkness!

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 Re: MyVeryHeart


You perceived correctly. Praise the Lord for not leaving us in darkness.

In Christ,

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I wasn't a pro choice at all but, I wasn't really sure about the stand christians ought to have on this matter. It did show me how important it is to stand up and scream high and loud that it s A CRIME, a HOLOCAUST...

I know i'm off key, but it makes me think about 2 Tim 2:15... especially when Brother Ray Comfort said that we are killing babies right in the safest place on earth, in the mother's womb... I mean, i was pretty much astonished, like wow, because God didn't choose man (stronger than woman physically) to bear kids, God chose woman for that role and He even said He is going to increase the pain during the travail... God definitely use the weak to confound the strong



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