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 Praying for

It's always a good thing to pray for this website, this ministry. This seems like an especially good time though. Let's pray for God to unite our hearts, under the banner of the gospel of Christ! The Simulcast coming up soon, is one good thing to focus prayers on, and there are many others.

In Jesus,

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 Re: Praying for

Amen dear brother. Nothing gets done without prayer. Thank you for all the faithful brothers and sisters praying for this website and all aspects of it.

Also your prayers for myself as I run the site are invaluable:

Prayer Card for Greg And Brandy:

SI Moderator - Greg Gordon

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 Re: Praying for

I'm praying. I joined the forums over four years ago, but never posted, not until this week.

Four years ago, I was listening to the sermons and was wonderfully encouraged. For some reason, I never once looked at the forums for a long time, not until I had listened to dozens of messages. Then I started reading the forums...

I found the people encouraging us to seek after holiness versus the people seemingly warning everyone against it. The people encouraging us to take this or that apostolic instruction literally versus the people warning everyone not to. The people reminding us of what God has done in history versus the people contradicting the very testimony given, the people who encouraged us to run the race to win as fast as we could, versus the people warning everyone not to...

It was all so discouraging, after listening to the sermons, to see the discord; to see the disagreement. Perhaps some of you can sympathize?

I finally made up my mind to join. Perhaps I could make difference for good! I set up my user, typed out a response to some especially discouraging post, (I don't even remember what it was), and then... I shut my computer off.

Four years later, one of my children is dead. I'm still thankful for I still cannot do any real "good", apart from the grace of God. I am still just another nobody.

When you pray, please pray for us, the observers, and the posters, the nobody's, and the somebody's. Please pray specifically;

for the hurting, and for the whole; for the uninformed, and for the well-read; for the immature, and for the aged; for the haughty, and for the humble; for the sour, and for the sweet.

Nobody special, who believes in SomeOne who is.

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