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 Occupy Wall Street guys -- I will be your leader

Here's what you say when the media asks you why you are protesting in front of Wall Street:

There is a giant white elephant in the room. CEOs, CFOs, Immelt types in cooperation with the U.S. government are sending our middle class jobs to China and Mexico. Then the U.S. government is importing 4,000 illegal and legal Mexicans/day to take the jobs that do exist. Nobody wants to talk about it. The fat cats are getting fatter and the middle class is getting poorer. Nobody wants to talk about it. Well, we're talking about it now! That's why we're here!

 2011/10/5 20:33

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 Re: Occupy Wall Street guys -- I will be your leader

Just wondering how this is edifying to the body or will help draw any of us closer to the LORD?

Maybe we need to spend less time in some of the news headlines and more time being about HIS Kingdom. Just a thought...

God bless

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 Re: Occupy Wall Street guys -- I will be your leader

I believe that it is important for us as Christians in this moment of time to not get caught up in the division that the Enemy is sowing in this nation.

He is trying to create division and bitterness so that America will be torn apart from within. He is also trying hard to sidetrack Christians into taking sides in these divisions so that we will be distracted from the truth that the only hope our nation has is the Gospel.

Our society will not be changed from the top down. Societies are made up of individuals and each individual brings his/her own dimension to the society. Our society will be changed through changed lives, Satan knows this, do we?

In Christ,


Ron Halverson

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