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Discussion Forum : Miracles that follow the plow : Praise God... another sinner saved!

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Lysa... I do believe his conversion is genuine! It does take time to know for sure, just like the parable of the seeds and the sower. Some seeds fall on furtile ground and take root.

If I sounded cautious it's only because in this day and age so many people lead someone in some formula prayer...abracadabra you're saved brother! ...when in fact it prooves later on that the person never truly repented.

So we should always assume the best, but be cautious to look for fruits of repentence when someone calls on the Lord.

But I do believe it was genuine. It was not a pretty prayer, and there were tears on his part... he truly called out to God in desperation.


 2011/10/6 12:01

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Wow. Wow... encouraging, and convicting Brother.

(Nice to meet you, by the way.)

What a blessing... With all the technological distractions putting people to sleep in our day, there are still some who are responding to the convicting power of God's Spirit in their lives. This is encouraging.

Thank you for sharing the good news about the Good News.


 2011/10/6 12:57Profile

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