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 How to pray more effectively for unbelievers ?

Can you give me advice how to pray -more effectively- for unbelievers, to witness and reach them with the Gospel in an -effective- way?
Any advice what to pray (from your own experience) or sermonds to listen to about it.
Do you have experience in praying and fasting for a person who don’t know the Lord?
Fasting and evangelizing?
And what about Matthew 16:19.
I need more insight of the Word in this and will be thankful for advice of any of you on this.


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 Re: How to pray more effectively for unbelievers ?

I don't know who you have in mind behind this question, browny, but love is my answer. It took me 12 years to win my cousin, Kim, to the Lord. Throughout that time, we did as cousins do… saw each other on holidays but I would also stop by her house once or twice a month and we’d go for walks but looking back, the Lord showed me that it was spending time with her and sharing my new life with her got her hungry for Jesus! Once I got ‘saved’ I didn’t stop going around her.

I’m sharing this with you because she and I were talking a few years ago and she pointed out how long l labored with her and it was out of love that I did that. The Lord reminded me of what He said years ago, “I have enough preachers; I need labors of love who will work in my vineyard.”

So we might not just a say a prayer or two to win someone to the Lord; are we willing to put in the love to win them? Love along with James 5.16.

God bless you,


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The Lord reminded me of what He said years ago, “I have enough preachers; I need labors of love who will work in my vineyard.”

I study in France, I live in campus, pretty much international with many Muslims, a whole bunch of atheists(mostly french), and a lot of Chinese. I have always wondered how on earth am I going to "preach" to them, what is the bestest (biblical, inspired) way to lead them to Christ... I think I got my answer, now :)
5 Let your gentleness be evident to all. The Lord is near. Philippians 4

Thank you Sister.


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 Re: How to pray more effectively for unbelievers ?

It might take a little bit of time to do so, but I suggest making a study of how scripture describes praying for the lost and evangelism. For example, I am not sure I have ever seen an instance where we were commanded to fast "for someone". I think fasting is referred to more in the realm of breaking bondages in our own life so that we might minister more effectively. I am not sure by your fasting you will effect another directly, but I do believe by your fasting you will become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and be more able to hear and obey and minister effectively. I know we can pray that a person's eyes be opened or that people continually come across their path with the good news of the gospel. Actually this would probably be a good study for me since I have never specifically set out to study this myself.


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