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 America is Today's Judah by Pat Boone

Do you agree?

 2011/10/1 11:27

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 Re: America is Today's Judah by Pat Boone

Once GOD'S grace smiled upon this nation;
Once she knew GOD'S favor and providence;
She was to be a shining light in a darkened world;
But, Alas; she is no longer One nation under GOD;
She no longer believes "IN GOD WE TRUST"
How the mighty has fallen;
Judgment is at the door;
and GOD will not spare !!

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 Re: America is Today's Judah by Pat Boone

While America is certainly under God's remedial judgment, I wouldn't make too much of the "40 years" that he alludes to. There has not been a national revial since the Second Great Awakening so our problems have been mounting for well over 150 years.

God's timing is His own and why He has not pronounced a final judgment against this country is His own business (if you will). (I, for one, am glad he has not!)

If this article compels you to do anything, it should be to cry out to God for revival. We will not be delivered from the consequences of our sins (as listed in the article, and more) until we deal with the sins themselves.

Until God Himself tells us that this country is finished, we need to draw near to God and labor in the Spirit's power.


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