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Hi SV and jimp, thanks for your guidance. I think you are absolutely correct. I must wait on the Lord to direct my steps and not do anything until he tells me clearly. This rings true in my spirit and I will be following this advice.

I'll have you know too that I started praying for the church and God today answered many of my prayers. I take this as a sign possibly to stay. I will stay in faith.

Thankyou again for your Godly advice.

Nick van der Net

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Pandarus, God bless your love for a misguided people. False prophets bring the world into the body. This will continually grieve you and you will not be able to contend with the assault of the truth by false teaching. So even if men are not teaching in this assembly, this will flush itself out. The body is for worship of Him whom we hold so dear. It is also for our building up by the gifts God lavishes on the saints to be used so that the saints may draw even closer to Him as well as each other. My concern for you is that you will be missing what a body can bring you. You too, are to be a benefactor of what others bring just as it is that you share with them. You will be in a giving mode but there will be little there for you to receive. So that part of the equation will be very one sided. You cannot help but call upon the Lord in greater measure when the body does not function well, for it will be you contending against forces which would see you brought down and succumb to the worldly condition of the rest. You will need a tremendous amount of strength and patience and it will continually test your faith. There will be movement one way or another. Light and darkness cannot abide together when one does not compromise truth even though others try to hold to both. God is faithful in these situations and He will give you what you need. Be careful not to move in the flesh as it is a common mistake when so much is wrong. The truth will always convict, persuade, and correct in love. Many here will pray for you. Do keep us informed of where to target our prayers. Your continued strength, through dependence upon Him alone, will be an obvious one.


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 Re: When to leave a church...

pandarus: This question has been recurring in my mind for several days now because it came up between my wife and I several months ago. My wife had some insight I thought was good. A believer CANNOT leave a church because the believer is the church. You might be able to break fellowship with a particular group of people over a disagreement. Paul and John Mark did this. But neither of them left a church. We, as those born again, are all the church. How can we leave what we are? For many this seems like a trifling answer, almost like someone is trying to be funny about the question but when your paradigm begins to shift you realize that it is not a trifling answer at all. A group of believers meeting in a home on a Tuesday evening for a light meal together, some worship with or without an instrument, and prayer for one another are just as much "having church" as a group meeting in a building on a Sunday morning with formal worship, a formal message, and all of the trappings of "church". In fact, if I meet a friend at Starbucks and we study the scripture together over a cup of coffee we are having a meeting of the church. We are assembling together for mutual worship and edification. In these settings I really believe there is usually a greater level of openness and accountability (scripture calls it mutual submission) than in the more formal setting. Although there are some AWESOME fellowships that are more formal and there is nothing inherently bad about doing it that way, I think we need to realize that the more formal expression is not the sum total of the church. If what is going on in the formal setting has ceased to be a genuine expression of the Biblical church or if there is obvious and untenable doctrinal error then by all means meet in homes or wherever you can. Build one another up in the Lord. Study the Word. Pray one for another. Worship together.


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I went to an apostolic church today and have been to a pentcostal church in the past and i always notice this weird smell and it is not like a normal smell, it is like a spiritual smell and it is very errie. I also am very unsure about them in general, it seems that they really focus too much on the baptism of the Holy Spirit so much and the gifts of the spirit which seems to be tongues etc. It confuses me because they seem very sincere and caring, is the spirit they have the Spirit of the Lord or not, or is their something wrong with my discernment.

John Beechy

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