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Travis wrote:

by MyVeryHeart on 2011/9/30 21:54:08


I don't really know if I've stopped sinning completely. Or if I will sin tommorrow. Or ever again. I only know about today. I was really upset when the books fell out of my backpack today. I don't believe I handled the situation in my heart perfectly. So I told God I was sorry and repented, I have faith that he will graciously provide his Spirit so that my heart will remain repentant and I will not sin like that again.

God Bless,


My warmest Greetings to you Travis. It is good that you wish not to sin, but it will be far more profitable to love (Philos - brotherly love) whom you meet and interact with.

The best way to make new friends is to be a friend, and I know it is not as easy as it sounds. I write this because you would be a very good friend and influence your friends with your Godliness, for the Holy Spirit is in you. It's good to have Christian friends, for Iron sharpens Iron. It's good to have non-Christian friends, for they may find Jesus through you or your friends.

When I was a young adult, my Christian friends and I got together at someone's home to make Ice cream. One of my friends brought an atheist friend from work. By the end of the evening, this atheist explained he never did anything like this before, that he was use to going to bars and clubs, drinking alcoholic drinks and engaged in other worldly pursuits. He stated he never had more fun than being with us Christians and making ice cream, 'my friends wont believe this' said he.

May God bless you richly in every way.


Arthur Biele

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